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#933255 by DragonLady
02 Mar 2017, 13:29
Well after a fantastic 3 and a half days here we're on our way again ( to Vietnam) .
Cambodia is a fantastic place and we'll be coming back :). The temples here are phenomenal even for a philistine like me .
Nice lounge which only has British clientele by the sounds of things - but they have run out of gin!!! :-O The Vietnam Airlines agent smiled when the bags were weighed ( they were " slightly" over our allowance even .though I'm travelling light :)) and he's given us a row of three seats ( as the flight isn't full ) as he clearly thinks we need the room :-D lol.

#933258 by hiljil
02 Mar 2017, 15:18
Good afternoon ( evening).

I am really envious of your travels this trip. So pleased to hear it has lived up to expectations, so far.
Enjoy Vietnam.

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