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#933362 by sythe20
07 Mar 2017, 06:47
Hi All,

Has anyone had experience of the Disney Dining Plans?

We are staying at AK Lodge for 5 days, and we've been quoted £688 for the 2 of us for the Dining Plan (1x quick service, 1x table, 2x snacks, 1x refillable mug), or £1214 for the Deluxe plan (3x quick or table meals, 2x snacks 1x mug). Of course the deluxe would also cover us for breakfast, but seems expensive for 5 days of food, and a lot of people online are saying that it's too much food for most people.

These quotes are from VH to add it to our booking. Any thoughts on this? :D
#933363 by Bumblesis
07 Mar 2017, 08:19
A lot of people who opt for the deluxe dining plan are using it so they can have a Signature (2 table service credits) meal in the evenings, so still just 2 meals each day. Often people will feel they HAVE to do the 3 x table service options to get the best value out of the plan. What I would caution with that plan is time. The time it will take you to travel to the dining location, you need to be there at least 10 minutes prior to your ADR time.. then the time it takes to be seated, have your meal, and then move onto your next activity.

It can very quickly become all about the food... and less about the parks.

I have used the dining plan many many times, and for us it works well : Snack (Danish or fruit) for breakfast, Counter service lunch, ice cream/snack mid afternoon, table service at dinner time.... sorted and never felt like there wasn't enough food. or Buffet breakfast (table service), snack around lunchtime, early counter service dinner, snack evening.

I would suggest you look at the menus and dining locations and see where you would like to dine at. If you have a lot of signature or table service options then maybe Deluxe plan is for you. If not, stick with the regular Dining plan.

#933365 by julmops
07 Mar 2017, 09:55
We recently used the Dining Plan on our last visit to the World.
We went for the Deluxe dining plan at $103 per person per night for 8 nights ...
Giving us 3 Table credits, 2 snacks and the refill bottle.
We mostly used the credits on Signature restaurants and we had a blast.
As we normally don't do quick service meals, it was absolutely worth it.
For us, food and relaxing time is equally as important as the park fun so it was a great experience and we will definitely do it again.
#933366 by Traveller2
07 Mar 2017, 10:56
I don't have any experience of the DDP but....if you go onto the Trip Advisor Orlando forum and do a search on there should find hundreds of posts about the DDP. From what I have read over the years, it is very expensive and you do get too much food. A lot of people also have lots of snack credits left over which they have to "spend" on sweets to use them up. You also need to work out the maths and see if what you would normally eat costs less or more than the Dining Plan.
#933449 by sythe20
11 Mar 2017, 14:09
Thanks all for your input. After a lot of deliberation we have decided to go for the mid range dining plan. As we are there for 5 days, and will have 6 nights of credits, we can roll over one of them for a signature meal (x2 credits) and follow the suggestions above of snack for breakfast, quick service lunch and table dinner. Hopefully this will work out well. £688 for this so it seems like a reasonable deal.
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