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#933964 by Sealink
30 Mar 2017, 17:15
have been wanting to try Aer Lingus Business Class for some time now, and am currently writing this from outside the lounge at Gatwick.

My route today is Gatwick - Dublin - Boston, Aer Lingus weren't the cheapest (that honour goes to Norwegian and Icelandair, who offer a different kind of business class) but were almost £1k cheaper than BA and VS. And it turns out that there's a reason for that, as Aer Lingus offer a different kind of business class too.

My journey started with the Aer Lingus app.
It's not very good, but after multiple attempts to reset my password and a few Twitter exchanges, I managed to log in.

For my flights, mobile check in was not offered so I went to the desk top website.

Seat selection (or re-selection) was not available so no opportunity to pick different seats. Oh well. That's not a hardship.

At Gatwick this morning, went to the Business Class Check In and was ignored by the one member of staff on duty, so joined the back of the Economy queue. I should add, I'm not one to make a scene. Quietly seething suits me ;-) and anyway, I don't like having to ask for something that I am entitled to, if that makes sense.

Boarding pass in hand, I notice that there's no Gatwick Premium sticker on it. I think the sticker is just for show, but it's reassuring, should the bar code fail.

Fastrak is anything but, but really, that's no hardship.

I have walked through the shopping area to the Clubrooms where I am turned away, apparently my boarding pass is the wrong sort, and I should have known to ask for an invitation from the check in agent.

So here I am, people watching in Gatwick as the Aer Lingus Twitter feed has gone mysteriously quiet, pondering what my day would be like had I stuck to my usual Virgin Atlantic service.
#933977 by tontybear
30 Mar 2017, 19:20
you'll have to say five hail Sir Richards and drink a bottle of champaign in pennance.
#933985 by DocRo
30 Mar 2017, 23:05
I flew Aer Lingus Business DUB-ORD and back for the Ryder Cup last year
It was very good; a major improvement over the previous product particularly if you select one of the 'Captain Kirk' seats
The new lounge post US precheck is also a great boost and it is such an advantage to arrive in the US at a domestic gate.
Unfortunately, I have fallen out with EI a bit after the fiasco that was the launch of Aer Club and the loss of my gold privileges
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