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#936978 by catsilversword
28 Jul 2017, 18:59

Came home today to find we had been burgled. House ransacked. Our ipads have been stolen, along with a couple of old laptops... I'm going to change all passwords, of course - but can anyone help with how to delete stuff from the ipads? I've gone on to 'search for my phone' on my phone and it shows the devices - I've asked it to erase them. Unsurprisingly, they show as being offline, but there's a message to advise they their content will be delete when anyone tries to connect to the internet. Does this feature drop off after a certain amount of time, if the ipads aren't connected?

Also - I've removed them from my icloud account - but is there anything else you can think of I should do???
Any help much appreciated....
#936980 by sungod
28 Jul 2017, 20:09
that's a nasty thing to come home to, hope nothing irreplaceable was lost or damaged

not sure removing them from your account was wise, depends on exactly what you did, but it may result in you losing control of them, if it's not too late you should put them in 'lost mode'

this link has details for stolen ios devices...
#937163 by catsilversword
02 Aug 2017, 09:09
Thanks Egg. I did try calling the Apple support people - I actually called a store, but it goes through an automated thingy. Which was ok - until it asked for serial numbers! Yes, I was thinking I'll go into a shop, it's the only option left.

I'm SO lost without an ipad though! I know, that sounds so obvious, but am more lost that I would have thought!
#937197 by catsilversword
03 Aug 2017, 14:09
Thanks Egg - I don't know why I didn't think of that! I did go into an Apple store yesterday (they were great!) - they advised that I've done all I can - ie putting items into lost/stolen mode, but they also suggested I went the next step and told them to erase, which I've now done. The items are still showing as offline but, as the guy said yesterday, they will do, because nobody will able to do more than turn them on, they can't access anything or go online...

We'd bought them from Best Buys, over the years - the last one we bought (Nov last year) - they gave us a hard copy receipt, but also emailed a copy and the electronic copy does have the serial number on it.
#937274 by pjh
08 Aug 2017, 08:33
catsilversword wrote:Question about fingerprint ID. If you set this up, can you still use your passcode as an alternative, or does the evict become finger-print only????

Assuming it's the same as the iPhone, then if you set up the print you can still use the passcode. I would send a screen print but I need to wait for my phone to lock! After software updates or a power off / on you have to use the passcode before it then reverts to print recognition if you've set it up.
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