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#937167 by pjh
02 Aug 2017, 14:15
For reasons of cost and flight availability we'll be doing LHR-JFK at New Year on Delta in their Delta One offering. Searching having failed to turn up anything on this topic, has anyone got any recommendations about which seats to take as a couple? I know there's a pairing in the centre but we're also quite happy to take individual seats to get a window.

Thanks in advance.
#937168 by SlimpyJones
02 Aug 2017, 14:54
Hey, I did a TR here from December:


The middle two are definitely best for a couple. The individual window seats aren't really conducive to travelling with or talking to a companion, unless you were to spin round 180 degrees on your seat!

If you can, grab Row 1 B&C as the little cubby hole for your feet (when in lie flat mode) is slightly larger than the other rows.

Prepare to be well fed too!
#937169 by tontybear
02 Aug 2017, 15:19
I prefer the window seats with the consol next to the aisle rather than next to the window.
#937172 by NYLON
02 Aug 2017, 18:22
In a couple, I reckon taking a middle pair for a daytime flight is the best option (more sociable), and then for an overnight I'd opt for the window 'proper' seats (i.e. what tontybear says). DL are very quick indeed do 'shut down' the cabin in Delta One on overnights. It's very much a 'business' cabin. Generally I'm a fan (although there is something of the 'coffin' feel in their lie-flats!), and I fly that cabin about the same amount as VS UC.
#937174 by pjh
02 Aug 2017, 19:04
Thanks all, and sorry Slimpy for forgetting you'd done that TR. I shall confer with MrsPJH as to her preference as the seat selection is wide open both ways at the moment.
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