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#937201 by Concorde RIP
03 Aug 2017, 19:47
Just looking for a little advice/re-assurance.

I know the laptop ban officially only applies to certain airlines flying into the US etc from certain locations.


I need this time to take my laptop on a trip from LHR to JFK.

Aside from official rules, am I likely to experience any issues or extra hassle at either airport in either direction?

Thanks for any thoughts.
#937202 by joeyc
03 Aug 2017, 20:58
Don't worry Concorde, the laptop ban is all but over now and never directly affected this route.
#937203 by Concorde RIP
03 Aug 2017, 21:01
Thanks joeyc, I was particularly concerned by the potential for "over enthusiastic" Home Land security!

As always, great and knowledgeable advice - my laptop can rest assured that my stress levels will not be adversely affected!

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