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#937796 by tontybear
25 Aug 2017, 15:59
and the airline site says something else .....

Feeling the need to rant after doing numerous searches for all sorts of combinations and my carefully selected flights says £££ on google but when I do it on the airlines site or expedia the price is ££££+++


In good news though I have found an ex-CPH to my destination using VS on the long leg!

But the thought of phoning is not cheering me up!

Nor is the connection from BA that would only give me 30 minutes of CH time!
#937801 by SlimpyJones
25 Aug 2017, 17:10
Yeah... I've had a nightmare of a time with Google flights. It keeps picking up obscure prices from some random online third party travel agent who I've never heard of. It's proving very frustrating. I wish GF had a way of filtering out travel-agent prices...
#937962 by tontybear
01 Sep 2017, 13:13
So yesterday I called VS to price up an ex-eu to SFO that Google was suggesting ~ £ 2,300 with BA on the CPH/LHR legs.

The chap in Swansea did advise me that google often didn't pick up 'live' data and to expect some variation.

I was expecting maybe £100 difference.

So he priced it up as £12k! VS ex LHR which he also priced for me was £6k. So £6k for CPH/LHR and LHR/CPH!!

He also said that 'VS don't have an agreement with BA as "we don't like each other"!'.

I quickly thankned him before ending the call!

So I have actually booked an ex-DUB with BA/AA (including the BA01) which priced up on the link from google to AA within pennies of the google price.

Let's hope the VS link up with AF/KL opens up some ex-EU options

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