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#938953 by travelmad51
09 Oct 2017, 06:04
Good morning Guys,

Does anyone have any advice regarding car hire at Miami. We are on a cruise in November and having a week travelling after that, I need to get from the port to the airport to hire a car and return it to the airport for our return flight.

Any advice would be appreciated,

#938955 by Jeffers555
09 Oct 2017, 10:08
All the main rental companies provide a free ship to airport shuttle bus provided you show your rental reservation paperwork to the driver. No reservation, no shuttle. Journey time is about 20 minutes.
#938956 by mitchja
09 Oct 2017, 10:15
At Miami airport, all the main car hire companies are all under one roof in the rental car centre which is linked to the main airport concourses via moving walkways & a monorail.

Full details, including driving directions can be found here.

When dropping your car off there, the roads around the rental car return entrance do often get fairly congested so give yourself plenty of time.

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