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#939548 by pjh
13 Nov 2017, 08:36
Off to Mumbai (for too many days) at the back end of the bus.

On the upside it was a straightforward trip down, I didn't have to wait for 3 hours before the flight to check my luggage and I managed to get into the Aspire Lounge on my Priority Pass card.

On the downside I am unlikely to see outside the walls of conference / hotel rooms and had to give away tickets to see "Young Frankenstein"...

Oh, and the wifi is pants. Hence the multiple instances of this post (since deleted)
#939551 by hiljil
13 Nov 2017, 09:19
Good Morning - although it sounds as though it is hard for it to be so for you :-O
Hope the flight and stay in Mumbai are better than expected!
Good luck, anyway. :-D
#939564 by pjh
14 Nov 2017, 05:48
Thanks all for your concern about my well being :).

The Aspire Lounge was an ok place to spend an hour to have a bacon roll (good) and a coffee (dreadful). It must get really crowded as it is an odd, thin shape - and thinking about it the last time I flew out of T5 they weren't allowing Priority Pass members in due it being full.

The flight itself was fine. That the person in front of did not recline at all during the flight, there was stuff on the IFE that I hadn't seen before ("White Gold") and the generous helpings of drink from the crew helped.

Immigration at Mumbai was a nightmare, and I put my head on the pillow in a hotel not that is not more than 5 minutes drive from the terminal at 3 am, 2.5 hours after we landed. Today may be something of a struggle...
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