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#940140 by Bretty
10 Dec 2017, 19:24
Hi all,

Can I make an enquiry of the collective wisdom of this lovely forum?

The Grumpy One and I are spending Christmas in Vienna and meeting up with some dear friends. We fly back to T3 on 27/12/17 and, of course, there are no trains running from LHR to London as there are planned services 24/12 - 27/12. I don’t fancy the underground and normally I would use Uber but one thing you can count on with them is that with reduced services and demand potentially high, they’ll activate their “dynamic pricing” in order to “encourage more drivers onto the roads”, which could end up being anything from 1.5x to 3x the usual rates. (I find Uber is excellent and generally competitive on pricing until it gets busy and the dynamic pricing kicks in, then it can get very expensive).

So, I’m thinking of booking a car to pick us up and save the hassle.
Any recommendations for reliable companies to use dear friends?

Thanks in advance,
#940159 by Bretty
12 Dec 2017, 20:35
Thank you both, zmost helpful, cheers.

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