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#940522 by Turquoise
05 Jan 2018, 19:18
Hi - anyone have experience of Venice in late March? Thinking of a long weekend there but a bit concerned it will be a bit chilly on the gondola!! Also, any advice re Hilton Molino Stucky - we have loads of Hilton points but not sure whether to use them on this or save for a NY trip in December!

Thanks in advance.
#940546 by Snora
06 Jan 2018, 08:32
the first time I visited Venice was in January. it was pretty cold, about 5C but clear blue skies. there were no crowds, no cruise ships, no seating in St Mark's Square ( to spoil the view) and it was my most magical visit there. I went a few years later in June and it was crowded, the little lanes were virtually impassable and the cafes had their table and chairs filling St Mark's square and charging a few euros on top of astronomical prices for coffee, for the pleasure of sitting of there. I advise all my friends to visit in the winter. There is no such thing as bad weather - only unsuitable clothing. hope that helps. Sorry I don't know the Hilton Molino Stucky but there area some great B&Bs and small hotels tucked in the narrow streets worth a look.
#940598 by PeterStansfield
07 Jan 2018, 18:10
I agree - I work off and on in Venice, and my Venetian clients say Winter's the best time. Yes, it can be cold, BUT the visibiity is SO MUCH better. You can normally see the Dolomites on the horizon, which you never can in Summer!

Sorry I can't advise on Hilton there


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