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#923346 by JasonLewis
04 Jul 2016, 17:31
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PLEASE NOTE: This report is actually for VX1936 -- SFO-LAX -- which is not an option listed on the pull down menu.

With an early morning flight to Los Angeles out of SFO, I feared we would be fighting rush hour traffic, despite the fact it was Saturday, but our 26-mile journey was blissfully short and stress-free. This was one of the relatively few times we have flown in Main Cabin/Economy of late, but we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the check-in line moved and we were on our way in under five minutes.

Security screening is always somewhat problematic. On the one hand, my wife and I have TSA Pre-Check (comes with Global Entry); on the other hand, since I have had knee replacement surgery I need the full body scan, as I will set off the metal detectors. Nevertheless, one of the TSA screening agents immediately took me in tow from the pre-check line to the front of the line for the scanner and, in no time, we were on our way to the gate. Between check-in and screening, we had saved so much time that we were able to sit down to a delicious breakfast at the Lark Creek Inn in Terminal 2 prior to boarding our flight.

Push-back was right on time, the cabin crew was as friendly and cheerful as always, and the coffee good. (On a short flight such as this, no meals were ordered/necessary.)

We arrived at LAX a few minutes early . . . then had to wait while the plane that was still in our gate departed . . . and wait again for our luggage to arrive in the bowels of the exceptionally dated and dreary LAX Terminal 3 . . . .

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