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#929466 by EmmaPeel007
28 Nov 2016, 04:34
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As it was my husband's big birthday (one that involved a 0 at the end) we booked a trip to London with a bucket list side trip to Liverpool to see all of The Beatles sites he'd always dreamed of seeing. The last time we went over in 2014 we booked the ELR seats in Economy and those 3 extra inches made a huge difference. I ran the numbers and went ahead and grabbed PE seats on Expedia since it wasn't that much more than getting the ELR seats round trip. It's safe to say it after this trip it will be almost impossible going back to regular old Economy.

Since it was the week before Thanksgiving we were concerned about the potential for pandemonium at LAX, but when we got to Virgin Atlantic in Terminal 2 there were no lines at Premium Economy check-in so that was a good start to the trip. We did get there pretty early just in case and wound up just hanging out in the gate area for a good long while since there's nothing to see in Terminal 2. Boarding began, but we could tell that something was amiss since there was just a massive line of people with no real call for pre-boarding. Turns out the computers were down, but the crew valiantly forged ahead trying to get everyone checked in in a timely manner. We left a bit late, but it wasn't too bad.

Now onto the good bits. Thanks to the hivemind of this forum we got our seats - last row, Row 23 - excellent choice! It was nice to lean back guilt-free whenever we wanted! The seat was comfortable, leg room was fantastic, but what my husband was really impressed with was the headroom on the 787. It just made the cabin feel that much more spacious.

The cabin crew was great, helpful and friendly. We are those annoying folks who order special meals ahead of time (vegetarian), but when my daughter and I saw the dessert that came along with the regular menu options we asked if we could get that instead and they were totally cool in swapping ours out. And yes, the silverware was a nice touch.

As far as the flight itself went, it was fine for the most part but we did hit some turbulence in the middle of the flight that had us a little nervous.

All in all, a great experience that exceeded our expectations. Now to try and figure out how to book our next trip for my big birthday in March!
#929479 by julmops
28 Nov 2016, 10:43
Thanks for your first TR ! Welcome to the family ! :D

I have to agree that Terminal 2 in LAX isn't the best at all ... But I understand that they are working on it ... The great thing is mostly arrivals in T2 as most of the main international airlines are based in the Tom Bradley building so immigration was an absolute delight when we arrive in January last year.
As you said, now you've tested Premium Economy, it will be tough to go back to Economy ...
#929519 by tomthumb
28 Nov 2016, 21:00
Many thanks for a solid trip report and as stated elsewhere - once you get the taste, there is no going back :cool:
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