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#929880 by Mulder
10 Dec 2016, 20:48
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Cabin Crew
Flight totally full due to cancellation of earlier VS76, so pax off that also on our flight.

Not bad flight, up in the bubble, awful white wine, a French Sauv Blanc, tasted like blue cheese had been in the barrel, yuck.

Flight time of approx 7 hours due to tailwind and presumably pilots "flooring it" :)

Can't be certain but I'm assuming the above also led to approx 80 Economy Pax being let off before Premium (& possibly upper)

Also Cargo hold doors froze solid, so bags delayed over an hour on landing.

Meant we missed onward connection flight, got home 7 hours late. >-(

Awaiting suitable response from VS Cust Services... :cool:
#929889 by nkp85uk
11 Dec 2016, 02:26
Thanks for the review. Shame about the Sauvignon... soundo weird!

How come the problem with the cargo doors delayed your onward journey? I would have thought you would have transferred but your bags would not have. Having said that, your outcome would probably be preferable!

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