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#929973 by LucyLu
13 Dec 2016, 13:51
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I was travelling on my own and thanks to Virgin moving the flight forward by two hours had to update my parking and lounge bookings and get up at stupid o'clock. Oh well, never mind! I was at the car park at about 6:15am, straight onto a bus, bag drop done and through premium security (due to No1 lounge access) in a few minutes. A quick walk around to get a few essentials and I was in the No.1 lounge before 7am and settled nicely near the bar area. It did fill up pretty quickly after I arrived and there were the usual "Reserved" sofa areas that no-one used - this frustrates me!

Anyway, the time flew as I chatted to a group on the same flight going out for a wedding and it was soon time to go to the gate. Boarding had already started so people were going through checks and then straight onto the plane (747). With my seat (25C) being right at the boarding door it wasn't difficult to find and I settled in. Despite being told by a Bajan guy several times that he "wanted my seat" and being offered the princely sum of £30, I held on to it! We did have a bit of a seating crisis when the huge (not fat, just tall/broad) guy in 26B took half of the seat belonging to the guy in 26C, but the FSM Phil (name provided freely) dealt with it perfectly, found an aisle seat for large guy and provided me, Mr 26C and his friend in 27C with a glass of prosecco (not sure what I did to deserve it, but it would be rude to refuse).

The crew were brilliant on the flight and I must drop Crawley Towers a note. There was only one jobsworth (who told us off for using the PE toilet when the trollies were blocking both aisles to the economy one,s and refused to supply drinks in between services) but I think most pax ignored her!

Food was good, got first choice of "Creamy mushroom farfalle bake" which was lovely and then the delicious Gu pud.

I watched one film, fell asleep and chatted with the neighbours for the rest of the flight and before I knew it we were landing at a warm Grantley Adams airport, thankfully just ahead of two other flights. Immigration was a breeze due to being seated next to the door and two doors being used, so I was quickly of the plane and through. Luggage took rather longer but thankfully I had no need to employ a red cap to get me through any queues at customs as there weren't any.

All in all a great flight
#929980 by marshy11
13 Dec 2016, 15:47
I was very pleased to hear you had a good flight. Such a shame we wouldn't have been able to guest you into the CH. Ah well, next time we must confer before we book!!

I've never heard of being offered cash for my seat, but you can't blame him for trying I guess.

Hope you had a good time in BGI and I look forward to the return TR.
#929982 by jfenney
13 Dec 2016, 16:18
Lovely TR and its always nice to open the door and it's Barbados. I will have that feeling week after next after Grenada :-D
#930317 by tomthumb
19 Dec 2016, 19:26
Thank you for a great trip report - yes a first for being offered cash for your seat

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