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#930426 by tomthumb
21 Dec 2016, 19:28
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Well all good things must come to an end and our lazy Winter Getaway at Blue Waters was finished, but first to check in online 24 hours before.

Well I go and check in and find much to my horror and dismay that Mrs D and myself have been split up, she was still in her seat of 5A but I had been moved to 8G, no reason for it that I could see, and having had this happen before, it put a downer on my last night >-( . And as I couldn't get through to anybody in Virgin at that time of night to find out what was going on, it took me a while to resign myself to it (no seat is guaranteed until your backside is on it and then it can still be pulled)

So next day we check out and wait for our Limo service to the airport, we are only 15 minutes away and even then the hotel had to chase them up and they rocked up 30 minutes late. Mrs D not impressed at all, and you think that this was a starter for things to come. Once the vehicle did get to the hotel Mrs D questioned him about it and was not impressed with his response to say the least.. >-(

Well we arrive at ANU and we have a brief wait at UC and then speak to the Check In girl, who I have to say was more than helpful, and informed me that the seat was broken and hence the reason for me being moved (you would think that someone would at least text or email you with that information, so that you know what is happening rather than being left in the dark, not too much to ask if you are flying UC me thinks). She did say that she would try and get us sitting together but couldn't promise anything.

Handed our boarding passes and a breeze through security and then to the lounge. Wow what a change to the old one, nice and spacious. the lady at the check in desk put the wifi code put on our iPad's and in we walked (guess to prevent others being given the code!) Couple of beers in the lounge and we met up with our new friends who we had met on the way out and general chat how things had gone for them and their new villa and then the flight was called.

Well boarding could have been smoother but nevertheless we got on and I took a look at 8G. Wow talk about small, I'm 6'2" and it would have been very tight, but Mrs D being the trooper that she is, said she would sleep there giving me the chance to lay out somewhat in her seat.

Transpired that two seats were broken and two passengers were bumped into Economy because of it for takeoff and landing. My old seat was okay in bed mode but the seatbelt was broken in the upright position, hence I couldn't use it, unless I just wanted to sleep in it and not have a meal. Afterwards Mrs D commented that she is convinced that someone was bumped so that I could stay in UC as I was a Silver Club Card holder or an I Ticket... It was also the same in the other broken seat and we were using the same aircraft Diamond Girl that we went out in, so I did question the cabin crew as to who was breaking the aircraft.... ;-)

Well sometime you have just to make the most of things and I just had to take off the broken sticker and pose for a few pictures. :cool:

Cabin crew just as attentive on this flight and seemed to be working extra hard. Drinks offered and accepted and a refill as well. Sat down in my seat for takeoff and the IFE wasn't working, well picture was but no sound as all I got was a hiss..... not good at all. Spoke to a member of CC once airborne and before you know it, an iPad was in my lap and I was watching a movie. Also a very attentive FSM who was making herself known to everyone in UC - Mrs D has already written to Crawley Towers with how impressed she was. :D

Meal was served and I opted for Steak this time, and I have to say very nice indeed.
Cheese and Biscuits with a Port.

After the meal Mrs D and I swapped seats for a nap.

Woke up in time for breakfast so a quick shuffle round of the seats and time for breakfast and mine was the bacon roll x 2. Hit the spot and before we landed I had a visit from the FSM who apologised for what had happened to me and offered me 20,000 air miles in compensation.

Smooth landing and Immigration quick as was bag pick up and as we walked into the Arrivals hall we saw our Surname and met our driver to take us home.

All in all a good flight, great service by the Cabin Crew, FSM clearly made her presence felt, but let down by the IFE and also the broken seat.
#930428 by buns
21 Dec 2016, 20:50
Thanks for the TR.

Despite the setbacks, good to know overall it was a good experience

The seat issue just goes to show how hard VS work thier fleet

#930430 by marshy11
21 Dec 2016, 21:08
Firstly can I say you have shamed me for my tardiness on my return TR. That aside, thank you for posting, it's always interesting to hear how things pan out when OLCI doesn't go according to plan......I'm glad you had a good flight, albeit not the one you had hoped for.

The new airport and lounge at ANU is something of a feather in the cap to top a very perfect holiday. Whereas before we may have chosen another island, Antigua now has the full house.
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