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#930431 by marshy11
21 Dec 2016, 22:01
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After a wonderful two weeks at Nonsuch Bay we powered up the wifi for OLCI. All went well and we slapped on some suntan lotion and sipped another rum punch or two.

Next morning (day of our return) we saw the outbound ANU flight had been delayed. First by 2 hours, then by nearly 4 and then back to 2. A bit of jiggery pokery and our outbound flight left 2 hours late. We decided not to change our taxi as another 90 minutes was really neither here nor there.....and when you've got to go home, you've got to go.

The new lounge at ANU was spectacular (no clubhouse but a massive improvement on previous offerings at ANU).

VS were excellent in alerting us to the delay, both by text and email (to both of us).

A slight delay at the gate meant we stood around for 15 mins or so after leaving the lounge, but once onboard it was clear we were in good hands. An FSM we'd had before (and she was fantastic before) meant we were in for a good return flight.

Drinks served and although no top up, we were quickly on our way. UC was full.

Entertainment was the same as the way out and I struggled then, so decided not to even try and find anything this time. I felt like someone who had channels 1-4 when everyone else had Sky or a decent streaming channel.

Both of us had the return 'drive' in mind (although it is His and not mine) so drink runs and bar visits were almost non existent. Despite that, the FSM and her crew did engage, serve and fulfil.

It was very hot on take-off but the cabin soon cooled enough for us both to eat and bed down for some zzzz's. Unfortunately I could not get comfy and reverted to recline rather than bed and listen to music.

It is the first time on an A330 that we've felt cool, normally it is stifling.

Nothing much to report on the flight, other than a very discreet but hard working crew.

Great breakfast - bacon butty - and it was REALLY good. Mug of coffee and before we knew we had landed. 2 hours late so no EU261 looming.

A US flight landed just before us and as the swarm enveloped immigration my worry over my passport reappeared (it had reacted with a wet-wipe - insecticide variety - and my departure card). Despite splodges on my photo the machine 'read me' easily and we were both through and up to the carpark in minutes.

Slight delay on the M25, brief stop at the services near Stonehenge for a Costa and we found Cornwall exactly where we had left her; wet windy and cold.

If we'd had this crew on our outbound I would have been delighted. As it was, they were fabulous but the dark side is calling. Nearly 2 full 2-4-1's in the bag and a plethora of miles to spend but being time-poor we are really going to have to take the plunge.

Goodbye VS, it's been up and down. I hope we see you soon.
#930434 by pjh
21 Dec 2016, 23:22
Glad to hear that you're going out on a high.

I too am off to the dark side, but only temporarily on my flight back from Bangalore. VS again on Tuesday next week, but at the pointy end.
#930439 by buns
22 Dec 2016, 06:05
Thanks for the TR.

In your close you sum up the challenge that continues to face VS - "Consistency".

Good luck with using the 2-4-1 with BA, whilst tempting, for me the Club Cabin is in serious need of a re-vamp.

Thanks once again

#930451 by hiljil
22 Dec 2016, 12:07
Thank you for your TR. So pleased the return trip was an improvement so you will remember that , hopefully, when BA calls ! :-D
#930463 by tomthumb
22 Dec 2016, 19:36
Thank you for the TR and agree with the lounge - it is a great improvement on the old one
Glad your flight home was a far better experience
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