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#931739 by sungod
23 Jan 2017, 14:09
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returning from DFW on DL, then this flight home

tried the centurion lounge at DFW, it's ok but not as good as i'd expected for amex's premium brand, a cut above a no.1 lounge, good buffet selection, with massage/spa treatments available (didn't try)

at ATL F terminal headed upstairs and had a nice meal at ecco, then into the DL sky club, the outside sky deck was closed unfortunately

the VS flight was not shown on the lounge monitors, so i headed for the gate at the time suggested by the desk, boarding was underway

bubbly was offered as i took my seat, i took a sleep suit and changed immediately, a second bubbly followed together with a personal welcome from the FSM, that's two flights in a row, i had a third bubbly :)

filled in the brekkie order and asked to not be disturbed for dinner etc. as i wanted to try and sleep

discovered the lumbar support ion my seat didn't work, oh well

doors closed and an ontime departure, announced as 10 CC, 2 crew, and (i think) 140-ish pax, only saw a couple of empty seats in UC

the captain expected a bumpy flight and advised keeping seat belts done up

more bubblies and some crisps once we were airborne, them i converted the seat, donned eyeshades and earplugs for the night

in spite of the earplugs i was woken a few times by the seat belt warning bong, eventually i was unable to get back to sleep but stayed flat and lazed

about 90 mins from scheduled landing decided to get changed while it was quiet, my brekkie was served, then relaxed while the rest of the cabin bustled and queued for the washrooms

we landed a few minutes late, short taxi to the gate then a pause when the ice sheet on the floor of the jetway was discovered, a blanket was eventually put over it to avoid people slipping

a long speed walk to immigration, overtaking two planefuls of people on the way, the a short wait before my case appeared on the carousel

decided against going to revivals and instead raced for and just caught the lift to the heathrow express, hopped on the train with maybe 10 seconds to spare before if set off

CC on the flight were great, that's two in a row, compared to the lack of greeting and variable service i remember during 2015/2016, perhaps a sign of happier/more motivated CC now?

it was a nippy morning!
#931765 by tomthumb
23 Jan 2017, 19:48
Always nice to hear that travellers get a good crew.
#931786 by julmops
24 Jan 2017, 12:29
Ironically, the couple of empty seats in UC must have been my partner's and mine ...
We were due on that flight but our MCO-ATL Delta flight was heavily delayed to the point that we also missed the DL28 and had to catch the DL30 ... But unfortunately in Economy (nice double downgrade !) as not a single Business or Eco+ seat was available on both flights ...
We were booked on 1A and 2A and ended up on 40C and D on a Delta 76W ...
Not happy is only the beginning ...
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