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#933089 by sythe20
26 Feb 2017, 08:55
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So having been impressed with our first 'Y' experience, the return journey was to tarnish our experience a little, and become 'the nightmare flight'.

The experience started off well, with everyone boarded promptly. Shortly after takeoff the meal service began, and I received my veggie meal. However, I wasn't to enjoy it for long.

A gentleman then vomited in the aisle very close to my seat. It wasn't clear if he didn't have a sickness bag or simply didn't make it to the nearby toilet. The smell was unbearable - the crew busy - and the solution? To cover with a blanket... :mrgreen:

I'd like to say that it was cleaned shortly afterwards, but alas it was left for many hours, the smell certainly put me off (and I'm sure others included) further food. i'd say it wasn't until the latter part of the flight that the blanket was removed and the vomit was cleaned. In the meantime many pax were accidentally kicking up the blanket which exacerbated the wafting smells. :mrgreen:

Meanwhile, Missy McMessface opposite, decided that she would repeatedly flick her food off her tray area, toward the aisle and around my feet. I had the lovely view of sick one way, and food on the floor the other.

Needless to say it was one of the worst flights. Was it all the crews fault - no, definitely not. I did however provide some feedback, both good and bad, about my flight (including the 'sick blanket', and did receive a nice prompt response back.

Here's hoping for a happier flight next time! :-D
#933093 by hiljil
26 Feb 2017, 09:40
Oh my goodness. Yes, definitely rates as a "nightmare" flight...

Hope you've recovered ! Good to know, at least, that you had a prompt reply back.
#933107 by tomthumb
26 Feb 2017, 20:44
Nightmare situation for me - glad you got a prompt reply
#933119 by sythe20
27 Feb 2017, 06:33
Well I forgot to mention we both had a gastro bug on returning, which most likely we picked up from this experience. All recovered now though, but it was quite a memorable flight :mrgreen:
#933121 by hiljil
27 Feb 2017, 08:17
This could only be worse if you find you get sent the bill for dry cleaning "the blanket". !!! :-O
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