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#933462 by oldboy
11 Mar 2017, 17:31
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Following such a good outbound flight we were hoping for something similar for our return.

Many here know that the Club America lounge is basic at best, I was interested to see signage that indicated that the lounge is due to be refurbished.

Our VS006 flight was called 1 hour prior to scheduled departure, this seemed early but guess it could be to do with the Club America lounge being less than welcoming. WE arrived at the gate where UC & AG passengers only were being boarded.

Our seats for this flight were 3 & 4A which were excellent.

I am pleased to report that as with the outbound flight all was equally good on this return flight.

We landed approximately 30 minutes early so had to wait for 5/10 minutes for our stand to be vacated.

We were among the first half a dozen passengers to exit the aircraft & headed straight to immigration where we had no delay whatesoever.

As we reached the luggage carousel the machine started up & our 3 suitcases were numbers 1, 2 & 5 on the belt.

We jumped straight in to a taxi & were soon being dropped at the Sheraton Skyline to collect our car, the time from exiting the aircraft to starting up our car couldn't have been any more than 25 minutes.

Another good VS experience.
#933466 by hiljil
11 Mar 2017, 18:53
You seem to have struck lucky with queues at immigration. You must let me know when you are next flying !!!

Glad you had another good experience. Thank you for posting.
#933468 by marshy11
11 Mar 2017, 19:36
Sounds like you had a great brace of flights.
#933505 by tomthumb
14 Mar 2017, 20:09
Awesome disembarkation- had the same last year where it took the same time as well. Also a good flight

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