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#933824 by Hev60
27 Mar 2017, 18:08
Well back on uk soil after a 2week break in California :cool:

Firstly completed on-line checkin pre 24hr just to ensure we had been allocated UC after all the earlier website issues. It was a reasonably easy process but I had to type in all the API information which we used to be able provide prior to checkin. No big deal but time consuming, glad it was for just two of us though.

We stayed overnight at the Renaisance Bath Road (although it is actually off the Bath Road and our taxi driver's sat-nav lost him). Couldn't face the M25/M4 carpark hassle early on a commute day. Very comfortable hotel and we had an upgraded runway view room. After a while we kinda lost interest in the planes hurtling down the runway every few seconds! After a good nights sleep we arranged for their taxi (more like private chauffeur driving a Merc Viano) to take us to the Upper Class wing. All paper work waiting and we was swiftly on our way to the Clubhouse.

Arriving at 7.30am we found the clubhouse quite empty. Went straight to have a scrummy relaxing breakfast. My friend then went off for a nail treatment whilst I chatted to some Delta passengers. The dining area space has been extended in the revamped clubhouse and that top room was occupied by some gaming enthusiasts. Apart from that, I didn't really notice a great deal of change. Staff attentive as usual and it is a great way to start the journey.

Flight was on time and we left at first call just in case. No UC queue and we went straight onto aircraft. Welcomed warmly by the FSM who was at the door. Seats 5&6A on the new Dreamliner aircraft.

Flight took off and landed on time. We had an absolutely brilliant crew. Friendly throughout and the FSM was active on the G&K side although she did keep chatting to us on the A side. I honestly do not think I have ever travelled on a VS aircraft with such a fun but also efficent crew.

Unfortunately neither of us got our first or even second choice of UC menu :-( FSM full of apologies but no offer of compensatation in the form of airmiles . Perhaps this is kind of redress is not offered anymore?? Quite disappointed because I am not a fan of either fish or veggie pasta meals. Had sandwichs and scones for afternoon tea. Some passengers were opting for the Tikka curry at this point, smell of which wafted throughout the cabin!

Landed on time in LA. Quick taxi to the gate. Crew still full of enthusiasm, jokes and smiles as we disembarked. Then we we arrived at an empty Immigration hall. Luggage didn't take too long and then we waited for shuttle to take us to LAX Marriott for an overnight before picking up Hertz car hire from their lobby, ready for our journey to the beautiful Palm Desert (and the heat!!!)

Thanks for reading, Hev
#933827 by ScoobySu
27 Mar 2017, 18:38
Hi Hev.

Thanks for your TR - it must have been a relief for OLCI to go through with all the issues you had with ticketing before the flight! And another result with an empty immigration hall at LAX - both times we've been through there it's been heaving!

Really pleased to hear you had a great flight. Hope you had a lovely time in the heat - and thanks also for the update on Big Sur whilst you were away.
#933829 by hiljil
27 Mar 2017, 20:42
Thank you for the TR. Good to read you had a first rate crew but disappointing about your meal choices. What a bonus to find an empty immigration hall.
#933939 by tomthumb
29 Mar 2017, 20:05
Thanks for the TR and I am surprised that no miles offered re not having your choices
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