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#933862 by dickydotcom
28 Mar 2017, 19:08
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I checked in on line the night before the flight and found my seat had changed. We had booked 5k and 6k but I am now moved to 6g.
As we have never flown out of Altanta and heard some reports of it being a nightmare to get to we decided to leave early in the morning. We were up and ready by 7.15 so set off from our address in South Carolina for the 280 mile drive.
The drive went very smoothly until we were 20 miles short of the airport and road works brought everything to a standstill with a 10 mile traffic jam. Very slow moving for an hour and then it got going. We pulled off the I75 for petrol then re-joined to find another jam for an accident 6 miles up the road. We were only a couple of miles to our exit and this just added another 30 minutes. From there it was a fairly simple matter to get to the Car Rental Centre and drop off the motor. We took the shuttle bus to the International terminal and were dropped quite close to the Virgin desks. We still had four hours before take-off.
We checked the cases and got our boarding passes and went through premium security with no problems. Shoes and belt still on, laptop and tablet still in my carry on I wondered if it was a bit too relaxed.
We made our way to the Sky Lounge and the food on offer there seemed a lot better than I remember at Orlando with hot chicken teriyaki and rice and a cold tuna salad, together with all the usual biscuits and soup. With an hour to go we wandered down to duty free but didn’t buy anything then made our way to the gate.
We had to wait a short while before boarding then got a warm welcome and a glass of Champagne. We were on board Lady Stardust an A330 with the herringbone centre seating plan. Once we got settled my new seat in 6G actually seemed a better choice with Mrs D in 6K than my original choice as we were able to make contact across the aisle.
Push back was a few minutes late and we were in the air at 6.40 and it didn’t seem long before pre dinner drinks. G&T for me and tea for Mrs D.

We both chose the pear salad starter and chicken main course then I went for cheese and biscuits to finish. I had a glass of Rioja which I chose because it was well aged but it didn’t taste anything special. Mrs D didn’t fancy any of the wines on the menu and was about to decline when I called over and suggested she have Champagne which they were happy to provide.

After the meal we bedded down and it was a quiet night by comparison with some flights I have been on. Service throughout the flight was excellent. My only niggle would be the size of the bed. I’m only five foot eight and my head was up against the headboard while my feet were wedged in the other end. It also felt quite a bit narrower than the 747 seats.
7.25 a.m. London time and we did one loop before getting our landing slot. Disembarking was quick, followed by a five mile walk to immigration where we joined passengers from a couple of other flights. In fairness we looped around at a decent pace were soon at the machines. I got through but Mrs D failed and had to join another queue to see a real person.
Our bags were already off the carousel so we just picked them up and went through an empty customs hall where our son was waiting to take us the 35 miles to home. Within an hour I was off to work!
Dick D
#933863 by buns
28 Mar 2017, 19:23
Thanks for the excellent TR Dicky.

Great photos too - I particularly liked the photo of the wine glass and condiment set

Thanks once again for what seems a solid performance from VS

#933881 by marshy11
28 Mar 2017, 21:36
Lovely TR and some great photos. I too have had a salad starter served with the balsamic in a bottle IN the salad. That is very poor and the devil is in the detail. Sadly for me, the detail tends to be lacking.
#933882 by jfenney
28 Mar 2017, 22:44
Great TR dicky and photos , the chicken looks divine :-D
#933893 by hiljil
29 Mar 2017, 08:09
Thank you for your TR. Really enjoyed the photos. Glad you had an enjoyable flight & that the drive overall wasn't too stressful. At least you knew you had a wide margin of error .
#933936 by tomthumb
29 Mar 2017, 19:51
Many thanks for the TR and also the pictures
#933941 by ratechaser
29 Mar 2017, 20:53
Nice TR and I especially like the picture of Orville and Wilbur with a glass of wine.

As for your comments about the dimensions of the UCDS, all I can say is that I did warn you lot all those moons ago when I did (I think) the first TR for this horrible seat >-(

I'm 6 feet tall and not slightly built so I can tell you I won't be getting into one of those again any time soon. Not without a lot of grease :-O
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