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#934440 by Katcool
15 Apr 2017, 20:29
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We were originally meant to be on VS travelling from ATL to MAN but received an email which stated that the flight had been changed to Delta. After a short flight from MCO again on Delta we quickly made our way on the plane train and were soon having a bite to eat in the Delta sky club. The food appears to have improved since December - the chicken teriyaki was particularly tasty and combined with vegetable stir fry and vegetable fried rice made a substantial meal.

The flight boarded on time and we were a little unsure what to expect as we haven't flown with Delta in business. We were welcomed on board and immediately the purser came around with menus and introduced herself to every individual which was a nice touch. She then returned for our choice of entree. As the cabin was now filling up we were offered a 'welcome on board' drink of orange juice, mimosa or champagne. No refils were offered however!

The business cabin was full and we were soon airborne and drink requests were taken. I opted for the signature cocktail which was gin with cranberry juice and a splash of ginger ale - which tasted much nicer than it actually sounds. I wasn't that impressed with the entertainment system in comparision with what's on offer with Virgin. Yes, there were some recent movies, some dramas etc but the choice was more limited.

Dinner was served relatively quickly and the starter was excellent; spinach and strawberry salad, some sort of pea soup (which I didn't even look at!) and some very succulent prawns. For the entree I opted for the ravioli in pesto sauce. During the serving of the meal the seat belt sign came on and the captain explained that we would be experiencing some rough air for the next 15 minutes but the cabin crew still soldiered on regardless. My meal was okay - just warm enough to eat. My DH opted for the chicken dish and said that it was a little dry. I was surprised that we were not offered any wine during the meal. Whether this was due to the turbulence, I'm not sure. I opted for what was described as an ice cream sundae on the menu but was actually vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on the top.

I decided to try and sleep for a few hours and was surprised that Delta don't provide a base for the seat unlike Virgin. I also missed the sleepsuit but I still managed to get a couple of hours before breakfast. I much prefer the choices offered by Virgin and my DH missed his full English! He also missed the VS bar!

All in all, the flight was okay. The crew were very pleasant but it just wasn't a memorable flight. I'm not sure whether this is the norm for the Delta 1 product as it's the first time we've flown in this cabin but it didn't compare with Virgin. We're back with VS to MCO and LAS in summer but have a return from ATL in December so would assume that the ATL leg will be with Delta.
#934466 by SlimpyJones
16 Apr 2017, 13:22
Thanks for the TR - I have to admit I was confused as you've posted this under the original VS flight number rather than the flight you actually took, I had to re-read a few times!!

I do like the D1 product - the only flight I have taken with them was a daytime sector. I agree with you on the lack of bar.

How did you find the Delta One bed? I have an overnight coming up with them in a few months and was wondering what the comfort/space was like.
#934467 by Katcool
16 Apr 2017, 13:40
Sorry about the confusion!

If anything I found the bed to be slightly wider than VA. I did like the shelf on the right hand side of the pod which had sufficient room to store a couple of drinks. The only negative about the bed as previously mentioned was the absence of a bottom quilt.

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