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#934461 by lynnewob
16 Apr 2017, 11:07
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After a lovely trip in Vegas, switching hotels due to the comps between MGM Grand and Wynn, it was finally a time to say goodbye.

Used an Uber to get to the airport which is so much cheaper than normal taxis. My difficulty is that I don't use a phone whilst abroad and do everything via wifi on my ipaid mini. After I booked the Uber in the hotel, I had to trek across from the lobby to the Tower Suites section where Uber pick up. I don't know what happened, whether I'd missed the car, but every Uber collection was for someone else. Whilst standing outside, I managed to get back onto wifi and ended up re-booking. I may be charged for the one I missed but it's still half the price of an original cab so it will end up being the same regardless.

At the airport, the Upper check in desk was busy so a lady at PE took my bag. I was quickly through the priority security area and into the LAS Club. As well as the normal soup and cold roll offerings, they now have shredded beef or chicken with rice bowls on offer. I tried the chicken and it was very nice. I had a couple of glasses of fizz (not champagne) and some Oreos as dessert. The staff are always really friendly. Whilst at the bar, I met with one of the guys who I flew out with. He was coming back a day earlier than planned, so we sat in the Club together. He was in PE and tried to get into Upper but the 2 spare seats available when I had checked in, had already been sold.

We were about 15 mins late boarding but it was all very quick and a fast take off. A drinks round was offered, followed quickly by the meal. I had a beef main course at my seat and dessert of sticky toffee puding at the bar. I asked the FSM if someone from PE could join me at the bar for 1 drink and she said if it was 1 drink only, it would be fine, so we had a drink and chat for a short while while everyone else in upper was still eating.

As soon as dinner was cleared, lights were turned down and we returned to our seats to get some sleep. I managed a good couple of hours and woke up as sunlight was coming into the cabin. Breakfast was served promptly and beds returned to seat mode. We actually landed 15 minutes early which was a first for me.

Whilst at the bar, I had a good chat with my namesake who was the FSM and had worked for Virgin for 26 years. She was just recovering from illness whilst on the 2 day stopover, but still worked tirelessly throughtout and introduced herself to everyone in upper. There was also another great crew member working in Upper and I think it may have been her 30th birthday. They worked really well together and the cabin could want for nothing more.

This was a full flight, and thankfully uneventful. The crew worked hard and I don't think there were any issues.
#934541 by tomthumb
20 Apr 2017, 13:32
Thank you for the TR - and as already said a solid flight

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