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#934828 by lorelai
01 May 2017, 21:26
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We had to connect in ATL, and the flight from MCO to ATL was excellent, really enjoyed domestic First on Delta, but as it is such a short flight, not a lot happened so I won't post a trip report for it. Needless to say, wine flowed, cabin crew were friendly and the seat was great.

The process in ATL was far easier than I was expecting, as we didn’t have to do any further security checks and our baggage was checked through to MAN, so it was just a case of hopping on the shuttle down to Concourse F. We went for a bit of dinner at an Italian place that someone on V-Flyer recommended, before heading to the lounge. The lounge was relatively busy, but I managed to have a shower and a glass of fizz before the flight.

We headed down to board the aircraft and it was a bit of a scrum at the gate. Noone seemed to know what was happening, we had to ask who was actually boarding the aircraft, and they had to shout amongst themselves to find out. Eventually some control was gained, and we were able to board the aircraft for our flight home.

We were greeted onboard and directed to the side of the aircraft that our seats were on. We were sitting in 5GK, 6GK and 7K. The reports I had read on the seats on this configuration were accurate; it feels very cramped, the seats are definitely not as spacious and there are a LOT of people in the cabin. Still, there are some people flying in economy so it feels wrong to complain too much. There were air blowers above the K seats but not above G, but again the temperature of the flight was kept pleasantly cool.

Pre-flight champagnes were brought around, and once drank a member of the cabin crew took our empty glasses away, which was a bit annoying as I could see on A side they were getting refills! Rude.

We were soon up in the air and orders were taken for supper by a member of cabin crew who came and introduced himself to all of us, which was nice. First up, more champagne and some crisps.

I ordered the soup to start, followed by the chicken (although when this arrived, it was in no way the same as what was in the menu, it had mashed potato, no mushrooms, it had some sort of herb crust, odd).

I passed on dessert or cheese, had a final glass of wine and then decided to get some shut eye. The entertainment system onboard was better than on the outbound, and I managed to watch a little bit of a film before I drifted off to sleep.

About 2 and a half hours before we were due to land, I got up and got dressed. Not long after the cabin started to come to life, and breakfast service started. Now, I had filled in the breakfast order form before I went to sleep, but I’m not sure what the point was as I was asked what I wanted, and my husband ordered a bacon sandwich and a croissant, but was never brought the croissant. The bacon sandwich was very good.

Pretty soon it was time to land, and security was relatively quick. Once in the baggage hall, my brother’s suitcase came off first, and then…we waited. And waited. And eventually, our priority labelled bags arrived. I was just pleased they had made it to Manchester to be honest.

The return flight was very good, or as good as nighttime flights can be, as they don’t seem to have the same atmosphere or ‘fun factor’ as day flights. The cabin crew were constantly around in the cabin if you needed anything and very pleasant.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!
#934830 by DocRo
01 May 2017, 23:51
Thanks for the reports
Glad to hear that immigration in MAN was quick as I am a little nervous about a connection we have there on our way back from SFO later this year
#934845 by buns
02 May 2017, 13:35
Thanks for the return TR.

Mrs Buns and I have also found returning via ATL far more simpler than we first thought, although for us down South it does mean getting back from Heathrow rather than Gatwick, which is closer to us.

Yes, as you have no doubt picked up from V Flyer, the A330 lacks the wow factor of the 747 cabin, but it is still better than not flying UC ;-)

Like many a V Flyer, you are no doubt hooked on getting that next UC flight!!

Thanks once again

#935844 by Florida White
08 Jun 2017, 00:37
Having just done this route it's so easy but I noticed row A getting better treatment for example quicker service, hot towels before landing which we didn't get in K and no extra fizz plus we were last for food. I still like the A330 bed better than the 747 but reckon the A330 once converted will be much better and roomier than the current cramped configuration.
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