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#934868 by vic110
02 May 2017, 21:23
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This is a trip report for VS126 which is SFO-MAN but the VS126 was not the right flight in the drop down box.

We checked in nice and early so we could enjoy the clubhouse. I was shocked to find the clubhouse is before security. This was our first time in a clubhouse, and we had a very warm welcome. We found it to be very quiet and the staff were very attentive and were always around offering drinks and food. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and then I had the pulled pork sliders which were lovely. My husband tried the burger which he also enjoyed. It was very nice to have somewhere nice and quiet to sit and watch the planes. It did get quite busy later and we left the clubhouse early so we could have a look in duty free. There was someone waiting to take us to security which was a nice touch and we were through security quickly. We made our way to the gate and boarding had already started so it was a good job we left the clubhouse when we did. (we didn't spend much time in duty free, honestly! ). I did think that there would be a call in the clubhouse for boarding but maybe not. There were seperate lines for upper and economy so we didn't have to join the big que of people already boarding.
Drinks were offered on boarding and refills were given . There seemed to be a lot of the crew's family or friends in upper class. One of the crew's young son was travelling alone and was sat opposite me and even one of the pilot's spent quite some time talking to his friend -- this did worry me a little when we were flying but I suppose they do get a break on a long flight. The crew were great and never seemed to make a fuss over their friends or family and were very attentive throughout the flight.
It was a very smooth flight and the meal service started about an hour into the flight. The food was just Ok, nothing special, I didn't have a starter and had chicken for my main course, I can't remeber what I had for dessert so it couldn't have been that good ! The crew dimmed the lights soon after and encouraged everyone to have their beds made. I declined as I was watching a film. I find the chair more comfortable but then I had my bed made up after a few hours. I wish I hadn't as I couldn't get comfy and felt a bit bad changing it back to the chair so I sat on the bed watching another film. The crew kept walking through to see if anyone wanted anything and I had a few cups of tea which were lovely.
About 2 hours before landing breakfast was offered, I had cornflakes and a bacon roll which I enjoyed and then the cabin was prepared for landing. I went for a little walk and the rest of the plane was pretty empty, the premium cabin wasn't even half full. I guess it's still a new route but I hope that it continues as we need these new routes from Manchester. Another great flight and we were one of the first off and straight through to an empty immigration area. Bags were off quickly and we were in the car on our way home 15 minutes later.
#934870 by tomthumb
02 May 2017, 21:30
Thanks for the TR - glad it was good

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