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#934869 by tomthumb
02 May 2017, 21:26
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Cabin Crew
On a sunny Easter Sunday morning, Mrs D and myself were picked up from our house by TriStar and whisked away for a 13 night stay in Barbados.
This was our first time using our Airmiles which we had collected over a number of years, to blag a couple of G's. The outward leg proved to be a bit more of a challenge as no UC were available when we booked last year, right until 2 weeks before hand, however daily checking meant that we did manage it in the end.

There were two flights to Bardados on Easter Sunday, a 747 leaving first and then the Airbus. We were in the Airbus.

OLCI was straight forward and the layout of the seating plan showed that we would be in a new upgraded UC cabin and that there were 7 seats spare when we checked in.

Check in was a breeze in the North terminal and security was so straight forward. But once that formality was done it was off to the club house, via a quick stop to obtain a memory card for the new camera.

Greeted in the clubhouse and shown the new layout by the lovely ladies at the desk and settled down for our English Breakfast with coffee for me and a bit later a glass of champagne. What did I think of the new location?, well it certainly was very bright and the outlook is far better than it used to be, service excellent as usual but I felt for the spa ladies as there is no natural light where they work and I was disappointed with the toilets as my personal view was that the old CH ones were a lot nicer.

I took some video on the phone and rather than do a vlog on it all, I decided to mix and match it all, along with photo's.

After breakfast I went and sat down near the windows and Mrs D had her nails done and this allowed me time to do some social media and do a shout from the CH.

Before long it's that time to board, and being aware that there was also a Virgin Jumbo going to Barbados almost at the same time, the club house did not give the impression of being over busy.

Our flight being called it was time to board and Beauty Queen was the aircraft to take us on our journey.

IMG_6301 - Copy.JPG
Beauty Queen
IMG_6301 - Copy.JPG (137.86 KiB) Viewed 5205 times

Once inside the new look cabin I was impressed, it seemed overall a more spacious area and with over head bins for the centre isle more storage for everyone. The bar seemed in a logical place and just as sociable. The seat was very comfortable and spacious. It got my vote.

Drinks offered and at last a better champagne......

I spoke to the young lady CC member covering our side of UC, about filming and explained that I was trying to do a vlog for V Flyer and she was fine about it and then the FSM Sam (named used with permission) came up to me and said he had been briefed by the CC member and was fine about it all and to film away. I have to say with my short interaction with him, he wanted all to have a good flight with his team working. During this time the CC also introduced themselves to passengers.

Whilst taxiing to the main runway I saw the 747 Virgin flight taking off to Barbados and as it was scheduled to land only a few minutes before us, I was dreading the Immigration Queue...

Once airborne it was a case of kicking back and looking at the IFE and there were quite a few films which had caught my eye and I settled for Fantastic Beasts and only lasted 50 minutes before I got bored with it and so moved onto 'Arrival' and 'Assassins Creed'.

During this time the meal service came round and as the menu has been seen numerous times here I will not bother repeating it, but I started with the Green Thai Chicken Kebabs

For my mains I had Grilled Filet of Beef - when this turned up I didn't really think much of it to start with and it was the broad beans, spring pea and leak cassoulet which let the presentation down, but once I tucked in, I have to say that the beef was tender and the cassoulet very tasty indeed.

IMG_6334 - Copy.JPG
Beef dinner
IMG_6334 - Copy.JPG (92.06 KiB) Viewed 5205 times

I then finished which for me is a must have - Cheese and biscuits with a port

IMG_6341 - Copy.JPG
Cheese and Biscuits
IMG_6341 - Copy.JPG (112.94 KiB) Viewed 5205 times

A visit to the new bar was also in order and chatted with fellow passengers and crew members as well, also no "porn stars" on board - not that I knew of anyway.......

Spoke to the FSM a couple of times and he clearly enjoyed his role and this spread to the crew members and hence the service was second to none. Good FSM means the crew take their lead from them and this clearly showed on this flight.

Whilst at the bar the CC offered tea service and as another passenger opted for the burger and chips I decided to do likewise. I have to say that the burger was really nice only to be let down with soggy chips......

Before long it was time to return to the seat and a very smooth landing in Barbados. My only shock was that the 747 had beaten us to the apron and that would mean being right at the back of a 747 - I was somewhat relieved to see that offloading was a slow affair and that we disembarked sooner than I anticipated and so for me the wait was not as long...

The FSM SAM gave me a feedback form to fill in before I left, which I have done and it was a fantastic flight led by a hands on FSM

When Virgin get it right, they get it right right.....
#934877 by DocRo
02 May 2017, 23:41
Thanks for that. It was great to see the new layout. It looks quite spacious now
#934879 by lynnewob
03 May 2017, 04:32
Thank you for the trip report.

The new layout definitely looks better and follows on to match the old A340s and the 787s now, rather than cramming everyone in.

i can't imagine a porn star going to Barbados, definitely but a LAS/LAX routing. He said he will be returning in 13 weeks, so anyone on board a LAS return flight in early July may get lucky!
#934880 by buns
03 May 2017, 04:37
Thaks for a smashing TR - enhancedby both the snaps and the YouTube Videos !!

I have to agree about the loos - the absence of proper cloth towels is the thing I really miss, but as you say, the service in the Clubhouse is as good as ever.

Two flights out to Barbados?? :-O I have heard from others that this has swelled the numbers in the Clubhouse, so even more need for a shoeshine man ;-)

Thanks for the video on board. It has confirmed my desire to be on the "A" side when I finally get ther chance :-D

Thanks once again and have a great time

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