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#935407 by Andrew1959
21 May 2017, 12:40
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Check in was a breeze at about 06.30 and empty, very helpful lady on desk and sorted out a seat question with her supervisor. After a bit of duty free we got into the clubhouse at about 7.15. Quickly entered and shown inside. A nice lay out, had the English breakfast and some pastries and three redheads, no complaints there. My only moan here was I did misjudge the water pressure of the wash basin in the WC and it all bounced off the flat slate onto my jeans lol. We walked to the gate just after the first call and straight on board with a class of bubbly. There was a bit of a wait for push back as about 4 or 5 in front of us but got in the air about 25 minutes late. Drinks were soon offered, lunch was served a little early for us at about only an hour and half in, but we both enjoyed the soup, beef, and cheese with the port. No liqueur was offered after dinner, and no ice cream later in the day. We made use of the bar if we needed drinks. All CC were very polite and chatty as was the FSM. The crew took advantage of the spare beds in upper and had a sleep on two shifts for a couple of hours each. Only about hour stopover in UVF so arrived about 30 mins early in GND despite setting off late. One plane in front of us so took about 30 mins to get through collect bags and away to the Spice Island Beach Resort. This was only our third return upper experience ( 2 x Virgin and 1 BA) , but the whole experainace is so relaxing and stress free, all very good, no moans or problems whatsoever
#935408 by FLYERZ
21 May 2017, 14:09
So good to read your trip report. Our last visit to Grenada was also in Upper and we stayed at the Spice too. Say Hi for Sir Royston for me and enjoy a Classic or two at the bar on my behalf.
#935414 by TimCrawley
22 May 2017, 04:16
Pleased to hear you had a good flight out (and they didn't actually make you change seats in UVF!) - hope you really enjoy Grand Anse beach and the Spice Island luxury (I've stayed at the Flamboyant, sadly closed at the moment, on the same beach and it's just a lovely area .... got regular evening views from my terrace of them 'fogging' the Spice Island resort to keep the airborne nibblers down).
#935443 by TimCrawley
23 May 2017, 14:15
The lower half of the Flamboyant has already been demolished, it has new owners and being turned into a 5 star resort.

Thanks for the update Andrew. In my opinion Flamboyant was 3* accommodation with 5* staff and 5*+++ views usually all available at a 2* price ..... really enjoyed both my stays there - but with such a location I'm sure a fully 5* resort will be popular even with the heavy incline to get to/from that glorious beach but I'm still sad to see the Flamboyant go rather than it just being updated. It's car park, opposite reception, was a very popular stopping off point for folks wanting a great photo / view along Grand Anse (and the room balconies gave us lucky guests an even better view, if a lot of exercise walking up/down the steps).
#935468 by tomthumb
24 May 2017, 18:28
Many thanks for the TR - Grenada is a fantastic island and Grand Anse beach lovely. Enjoy your stay
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