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#936718 by mdhayes
20 Jul 2017, 14:39
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Sadly our 12 nights in Mexico were over quickly, we split our holiday between Cancun and Maroma and Maroma was by far superior. We stayed at Secrets Maroma and it was amazing. We did run out of sun cream while in Mexico and we usually just got to a pharmacy (usually in USA) and buy some more. We were shocked by the prices, the cheapest we could find it was £12 a bottle. So if you are going take lots and lots.

So we had a little bit of drama on arriving at the airport for our flight home, accidentally (I must stress) I had left my OH wedding ring in the curtesy room we were given to shower in before leaving the resort. Thankfully and after many phone calls the ring was meeting us at the airport via its own taxi. I don’t think I’d have lived it down if I had lost it. Thankfully, and in our favour, we had a 1 hour delay which meant the ring had plenty of time to arrive, if we hadn’t had a delay I’m not sure what we would have done, best not think about it.

With that drama out the way we were checked in and and through security in minutes. We bought some duty free (some very delicious pear flavoured grey goose). We decided to check the lounge out, the Mela lounge is ok, nothing exciting, a few drinks and sandwiches and some pretty dried out sushi. But it was better than the main terminal.

We arrived at the gate in time for priority boarding, found our seats 8 and 9K, we were asked to move back a row so a family could sit together, we were happy to do this so we ended up in 9 and 10K. Welcome drinks and refills offered by the FSM, who was polite and efficient. We had a delay taking off as the air bridge wouldn’t retract but we were soon on our way. Post take off flights were ordered and delivered promptly, got talking to a couple with a teenager who has flown UC on the way out but were due to fly back PE, they noticed a couple of days before there were 3 seats still free in UC (surprising for a 14 seat 747 I thought), they asked at check in the cost to upgrade and to cut a long story short they bagged 3 seats for 40k miles for 1 seat then £400 each for the remaining seats, seems like a good deal to me.

Food on the return was predictably sub-par, compared to the food going out. I had Cajun salmon starter (this was the best dish of the meal) Spicy pork macaroni main, this only had 2 pieces of pork in the whole dish (I was actually starting to think I’d ordered the veggie option). Dessert was banana and choc pudding which was verging on inedible. The cheese and biscuits was pretty good though.

Breakfast cards filled in and film watched (Logan, very good) it was time to bed down, I went to get changed and a crew member had made my bed for me, I managed about 3 hours sleep which I thought wasn’t bad going for a red eye. When I woke, breakfast was served promptly (bacon sandwich and fruit), and was actually very nice.

We landed 30 minutes late due to the tech fault and initial delay to the flight but wasn’t too bad considering. The crew on this flight were friendly and efficient and I have sent another email to Crawley towers with my thanks.

Bags were promptly off and were there after i'd been the toilet plus there wasn't a sole in immigration, so we were off home very quickly following landing .

Sorry for 2 long TRs.
#936720 by hiljil
20 Jul 2017, 14:46
I should have waited before posting my last comment on your outbound TR !
Very pleased you had a good time in Mexico & the return flight didn't disappoint! What a relief about the ring.
Thank you for posting.
#937021 by tomthumb
29 Jul 2017, 20:00
Glad to hear that the ring drama sorted itself out and also a good flight home

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