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#935931 by Pete
12 Jun 2017, 10:45
It's shameless plug time - but as the admin of the board I'm hoping to get away with this one (checks over shoulder for Nick...)

I've been involved with theatre for years, although it's been quite some time since I sat in the producer's chair. So I'm rather pleased to break that dry spell with Chinese Whispers, a new comedy at Greenwich Theatre from 13th-23rd July.

It has absolutely nothing to do with aviation given the bulk of the action takes place before humans had managed powered flight. It's based on the true life of a Victorian confidence trickster called Sir Edmund Backhouse who - unusually for a Westerner - spoke fluent Mandarin and used this skill to convince governments and major corporations that he was 'in' with the Chinese Palace, doing deals on arms, battleships and banknotes that never existed. Backhouse was also an outrageous fantasist – even his autobiography wasn't published until 2011 because it was considered too filthy. Perfect then, for an intelligent stage comedy (though probably best leave the kids at home).

It'll be lovely to see as many V-Flyers there as possible - do say hello if you're coming along. I'll be in the bar ;-) ... w&Itemid=1

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