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#895446 by sungod
12 Feb 2015, 15:18
On Sunday I met a bit of very slippery GWC (Greenwich) road on my cycle, i mainly remember the sensation of both wheels vanishing from under me and the thud, oh, and I remember the pain when I tried moving my left leg, I remember that, quite a lot, oh deary me, thereafter...

about 30 minutes late boarding AMB-KCH by when I was in need of de-icing, limited IFE so we selected the classic full sirens and lights, excellent CC, full flatbed with immobilisation features, no sleep suit but plentiful blankets, slight turbulence so oxygen mask was deployed, gas offered but not taken, no view from cabin though its unusual decor was plenty to occupy the mind together with the chatty and attentive CC

The IFE selection enabled passing many others who were queued on/near the route, we arrived on time at KCH (kings college hospital), CC had checked me in online at AMB, limo service straight through fast track, x-ray where concealed broken hip was discovered, operation to repair it

about four hours from arriving in GWC road to entering the KCH revivals lounge where suite MW11 had been prepared for my exclusive use, lounge wifi is fast, unfortunately not free but very reasonably priced

KCH CC all very lovely, sadly some disruptive pax in the lounge over the last two days, security attended for one who is being deplaned today

Food good overall, surprisingly wide choice, overall quality better than UC, though I noted a lack of bubbly, all the way from first checkin at GWC i have not been offered a single glass and the menu, otherwise outstanding for this class of service, has no wine list or cocktails!

...I also experienced the kindness of strangers who cared for me, took my bike to their home for safety, and got an ambulance to attend in spite of call centre resistance to the idea

My departure is probably tomorrow, to spend time at my mum's stair free flat, doing my recovery exercises, becoming an adept crutch user, and longing for the day I can, once more, ride my shiny bike and fly somewhere on VS with mrs sungod (who is still on crutches after her knee op, same leg too!)
#895447 by hiljil
12 Feb 2015, 15:29
Goodness, what an awful thing to happen to you, but how wonderful that you can write about it in such a clever and funny way.

I do hope you make a quick and full recovery.

Best wishes
#895449 by pjh
12 Feb 2015, 15:33
Lovely bit of writing, thank you.
#895481 by tontybear
12 Feb 2015, 19:01
Did they welcome you onboard with a recognition of your name and status?
#895487 by sungod
12 Feb 2015, 20:00
Maybe that was it! Should have quoted my FC number

Normally I'd say " next time...", but really be happier if I have no further mishaps!

Been confirmed that I head home tomorrow, so hoping for speedy full recovery for us both, and everyone else out there who needs one

Thanks for the kind words, the trip report was one way to lighten the experience and remember the good side to the last few days, which is all the people who looked after me :)
#895488 by mallin
12 Feb 2015, 20:06
Thanks for the report on the painful experience, Bet you both look a picture and speedy recovery. You both deserve a holiday.
#895508 by whiterose
12 Feb 2015, 21:25
Lovely read thank you, but sorry you've got a broken hip. As it's the same side as Mrs sungod and you're on crutches too, I'm even more impressed that you've gone to such lengths to show sympathy!

Is mother primed to have copious amounts of fizz available in Revivals?
#895587 by slinky09
13 Feb 2015, 15:31
Ouch indeed. That's a sad lack of bubbly though!

Seriously, how good can our health service be when it's on song!
#895613 by Bretty
13 Feb 2015, 17:09
Thanks for sharing with such good humour sungod, hope you and the Mrs are soon back to yourselves.
#895617 by pjh
13 Feb 2015, 17:36
No mention of any frequent flyer miles though?
#895633 by Bretty
13 Feb 2015, 19:59
2 for 1 voucher for hip replacements?
30% boost on all drugs?
#895727 by sungod
14 Feb 2015, 22:45
tried first wine tonight for a week :0 rationed myself, still yum!

having read the drug advice, i timed it so it's not too close to when i take my codeine nightcap, being wobbly if i get up in the night wouldn't be good ][|)
#895728 by Bretty
14 Feb 2015, 23:05
Well a little of what you fancy does you good, be well.
#895792 by sungod
15 Feb 2015, 21:07
we went for a day out today - fortunately mrs sungod's injury still allows her to drive ok

visited the scene of my fall, picked up shiny bike from it's friendly guardians at the spanish galleon, greenwich, we had planned on eating there, but no parking to be had, so back into town

finally we spotted both parking and a restaurant in which to take the bolly as prescribed, before, during and after food

being non-driver i was able to take full advantage :) but we stopped at an oddbins so i could get some thank-you cognac for her

shiny bike...

#895795 by Bretty
15 Feb 2015, 21:20
I like your style!
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