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#899439 by hiljil
27 Mar 2015, 10:14
I have read posts from others on reaching this milestone but never thought I would make it ! Back in 2010 I made my very first tentative contribution to this wonderful site having never ever written anything anywhere on the Internet. I was truly a virgin poster!

Thank you all for the invaluable help and friendly comments down the years.
Have a great day !! :D
#899441 by ultreen1
27 Mar 2015, 10:27
Congratulations...I'm sure u get gold for life now?! :D
#899445 by pjh
27 Mar 2015, 12:41

hiljil wrote:Have a great day !! :D

You too!
#899453 by joeyc
27 Mar 2015, 14:06
^) ^) Congratulations on the milestone ^) ^)

Thanks for the contributions and here's to many more y)
#899468 by Concorde RIP
27 Mar 2015, 16:09
It's amazing isn't it?

I remember posting a similar message myself and see I've made well over 200 posts since...

Always a pleasure to see your contributions, and keep up the good work!
#899497 by Hev60
27 Mar 2015, 21:56
y) Congrats for reaching that milestone hiljil. We both joined in 2010 and I'm lagging well behind you - well done, keep scribing and soon it'll be 2k :)
#899522 by hazban
28 Mar 2015, 00:38
Many happy posts and congratulations.
Since I got the iPad checking in to the forum has become so easy, I just can't help myself! Once a week was enough but now I look several times a day to see what exciting lives the other vflyers are leading! ):
Keep up the good work. y)
#899567 by Maximus
28 Mar 2015, 15:10

Don't stop posting now though!
#899622 by hiljil
29 Mar 2015, 11:41
To say I was overwhelmed by all the kind comments would be an understatement !

Thank you all so much. ^)
#899623 by Petmadness
29 Mar 2015, 11:48
A little late arriving to the party but congratulations on reaching the first milestone oo) oo)
#899654 by Jacki
29 Mar 2015, 17:42
Congratulations - here's to the next 1000 y) ^) y) ^)
#899658 by Blacky1
29 Mar 2015, 19:49
Petmadness wrote:A little late arriving to the party but congratulations on reaching the first milestone oo) oo)

Same from me y)
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