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#901136 by hiljil
17 Apr 2015, 08:48
Good Morning & it is a very good morning.

A few weeks ago my travelling companion got sent for a range of lengthy tests after a suspicious lump was found. Yesterday afternoon we got the news that we are clear to go to Florida.

As we were due to drive to LGW this Sunday to fly on Monday it really was going down to the wire.
I have missed my weeks of excited countdown but the main thing is I can start NOW !

Thank you to those who expressed concern when I first mentioned this worry.

I shall raise a glass to all V-Flyers on Monday . :D

A very relieved hiljil. :D :D :D
#901139 by mitchja
17 Apr 2015, 08:56
Glad to hear your travel companion has got the all clear y) y)

Enjoy Florida and the sunshine. It sounds like it going to be a well deserved break for you both :)
#901159 by TimCrawley
17 Apr 2015, 11:16
Congratulations to you both on the great news - hope the (shortened) countdown feels extra special and you both enjoy your trip from Monday!

Will at least mentally raise a glass to you both too, though it might have to be orange juice for me if you're flying early :-)
#901165 by ultreen1
17 Apr 2015, 12:48
Great news! Can't wait for your hello from the CH and the TR!!
#901167 by pjh
17 Apr 2015, 12:51
Great news! A lot of excitement to pack into a very few days now... ^)
#901168 by gfonk
17 Apr 2015, 12:53
great news.
love the countdown feeling.
#901194 by hiljil
17 Apr 2015, 18:44
Thank you all for your heart warming comments. y)

What a wonderful site this is ! ^) ^) ^)
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