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#901186 by clanger
17 Apr 2015, 17:36
Am I right in thinking that if you provide proof you are unable to fly with work due to maternity, you are eligible for an extension in the year given to accrue tier points to renew gold? Has anyone had a bash at getting this from flying club? If so what did you send them by way of proof?

Thanks in advance for any input.
#901209 by adjonline
17 Apr 2015, 20:43
It is a very generous benefit that doesn't appear to be matched by other airlines. It is not well explained on the VS website, so in anticipation of an upcoming arrival, I e-mailed them for clarification recently. This is the reply I received:

Due to maternity and paternity leave, Gold members can apply for an extension to their account to retain their Gold.

We would need the following information in order to do this:

1. Put the request in writing to Customer Services team ([email protected]).

2. Supply one of the following documents as proof:

a) Hospital booklet (detailing birth/pregnancy)
b) Hospital letter (detailing birth/pregnancy)
c) Copy of the infant birth certificate.

What we will offer:

• Customer Services will add the amount of tier points required to maintain the members status, enabling you to continue at Gold status for a further 12 months from your renewal date.

• If you have been downgraded already, Customer Services upgrade the account back to its original status.
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