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#901713 by Bretty
24 Apr 2015, 20:24
Hi all,

I'm now starting to think about collecting Avios etc to diversify my miles / points collection hobby, and so I'm seeking a referral for the extra bonus points for an Amex Preferred Rewards Gold card - which I believe needs to come from another Gold or Platinum card holder.

Please message me privately if you're willing to do this and I'll give you my email address.

Many thanks,
John :)
#901744 by Bretty
25 Apr 2015, 10:09
Thanks, referral obtained.
#901750 by pjh
25 Apr 2015, 10:59
Note that the t&c for this card are changing. Detail here.
#901756 by Bretty
25 Apr 2015, 11:36
Thanks Paul, I was aware as I'd read it on HFP a coupe of weeks ago. Bit of a bummer bu then I'm mainly after the initial bonus and will then look to apply for the BA Premier Amex to start working towards the 2-4-1 voucher.
#902245 by Maximus
30 Apr 2015, 12:36
I am sure you are aware that the BA Amex Premium Plus Card has an increased introductory bonus at the moment, which is 25,000 Avios. This offer is valid until the 17th June.

Should you wish a referral for that one too John, just let me know, I am more than happy to refermyou or anyone else for that matter! ):
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