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#905430 by Kraken
15 Jun 2015, 17:12
Is it just me, or have the VS IT gremlins hit the Virgin Money website too?

Just tried to logon to pay my card bill & as I applied before 2014, I need to re-register for online account servicing. Have I had the registration code? No. Not a problem, they will email it me immediately the site says - so I enter my card number & date of birth (both pretty hard to get wrong) and nothing happens, other than a message to make sure the details are correct.

Have tried both Safari & Firefox, so it should not be a browser issue. I'm not in the mood for a chat with a [possibly offshore] call centre now, so will probably just go onto first direct and setup faster payments for both cards.

Just wondered if it was only me who was being messed round by Virgin Money?
#905433 by mitchja
15 Jun 2015, 17:59
Pretty sure MBNA's call centre isn't off-shore. I think it's all based in Chester still.

I seem to remember reading an email from MBNA that they are changing their online system again pretty soon. Their 'Verify SiteKey' bit after entering your username and logging in bit is going apparently. I presume they will still ask you for your password on the second page though.

I do sometimes find the MBNA site is hit and miss using Safari on my Mac here. Quite often after clicking 'log on' I get an error saying 'page not found', try again and it usually works ?|

I always use faster payments to pay my VS AmEx card without any issues.

If you send it first thing in the morning, your account is usually updated by later the same evening now....not quite up to proper AmEx's instant account update if you pay using their website with a debit card but it's getting there!!
#905435 by tontybear
15 Jun 2015, 18:14
This confused the heck out of me a few weeks ago when it said it didn't recognise by email, card number, inside leg measurement, mothers cat's maiden name etc etc

Then I saw a different link further down the page for the V Atlantic credit card rather than the V Money one which I have now book marked - same url as Nick posted.

As for payment I always do this via my bank on-line account rather than the MBNA account.
#905438 by Kraken
15 Jun 2015, 18:32
Thanks for the replies - I've already paid both cards via Faster Payments from first direct to avoid missing any payment dates.

But just to confirm, the bankcardservices URL that Nick posted worked just fine with my existing user ID & password. Saved to favourites for future use!
#905439 by Neil
15 Jun 2015, 18:40
I've always used the bankcard services page Nick has linked too.
I've also had a few issues the same as mitchja, and do think the security is a bit basic given the world we live in.
#905447 by mitchja
15 Jun 2015, 19:51
I also always use the link from the VS website to access my account on this page (the 'Log into Online Services' link at the top)

MBNA do also have an iOS app, though it's essentially just the mobile version of their website.
#905453 by pjh
15 Jun 2015, 22:05
The Virgin Money website is a bit of a mess. You need different and separate logins depending on the product you have. SSO isn't in their lexicon.
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