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#906385 by jspring
30 Jun 2015, 13:29
Hi All,

Just tried purchasing some tags on here, got through to PayPal but then it came back to and said:
"Please double check your order and make your amendments before confirming your order. We've automatically added a pair of luggage straps for each pair of cards you've ordered, but you can remove them below if you already have your own straps." with nothing else below that.

Can't see a transaction on my PayPal account - if anyone could advise that would be great.

#906414 by Pete
30 Jun 2015, 22:22
You're not alone, and I think I may have spotted the reason. Just waiting for confirmation that the code change has fixed it. Apologies for the error.
#906417 by Pete
30 Jun 2015, 23:24
The tag store should be working again now.
#906418 by jspring
30 Jun 2015, 23:50
Great thanks. Im actually flying Saturday - if I ordered tomorrow no chance they would be here by Friday?
#906419 by Pete
01 Jul 2015, 00:08
That would probably be cutting it a bit too fine.
#906485 by jspring
02 Jul 2015, 14:13
Ok - I think ill have them posted to FL :) Im not normally one for tags but I must say the tags you do are great!
#906488 by Pete
02 Jul 2015, 14:28
jspring wrote:Ok - I think ill have them posted to FL :) Im not normally one for tags but I must say the tags you do are great!

Levi is in the office today doing a tag run, so if you get your order in quick, we can have them out first class today!
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