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#915116 by Bretty
31 Dec 2015, 23:25
Evening all,
Wishing everyone here, some of whom I've come to know quite well although we've not yet met, a very Happy New Year. I hope 2016 is full of happiness, love and friendship, with lots of happy travels far and wide and all the champagne / tanqueray / vodka / redheads* you could wish to consume.

Have a good one :cool: :cool:

*insert appropriate libations according to preference, but no tea! :-P
#915121 by ScoobySu
01 Jan 2016, 00:12
A very happy New Year to all - with many many thanks for everyone's help & tips that made our April trip so successful.
#915126 by gfonk
01 Jan 2016, 01:14
Happy New Year to you all, where ever you may be today.
Hope 2016 is a great one.
Heres to another year of Travels! Feels like ages ago we were having afternoon tea in Tokyo!!!
Also hoping I can be on v-flyer a bit more in 2016 too and certainly hope to meet some more v-flyers this,year too.
#915135 by hiljil
01 Jan 2016, 07:00
Happy New Year everyone.
May it be happy,healthy & successful for us all. :-D
#915137 by dickydotcom
01 Jan 2016, 10:17
Happy New Year one and all.
May your biggest problems be whether to choose a Redhead or Bellini in the CH.

We celebrated midnight in Moscow. We weren't in Moscow just on Moscow time and so off to bed by about 9.30 GMT
But our nice neighbours gave us a little reminder with fireworks at UK midnight.

It's almost time to get the cases down out of the attic for Mrs D to start packing; only 49 days to go till we board VS15 for our annual trip to South Carolina.

Dick D
#915138 by DVCMichael
01 Jan 2016, 10:47
Hoping everyone's had a good night and not too hung over this morning. Wishing all a Happy New Year and that all their hopes,dreams,plans are fulfilled. Just about to take my wife and Freddie, our Westie, for a bracing walk along the beach . Happy and safe travels. Michael
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