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#919066 by marshy11
22 Mar 2016, 18:54
Today, 22 March. One of our own. :cool:

That's all.

Pic from the TV in the kitchen, on pause! Now watching the CH4+1 edition!
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 17.56.06.png
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#919068 by Bretty
22 Mar 2016, 20:17
I won't start a new thread, I just came to post what for me was the best line I've heard in ages. Quote by Ultreen, aka Darren,

"Once you've turned left you don't wanna turn right. We've been behind the curtain, sometimes it's nice to go down the back for a bit of rough trade".

I nearly spat my tea out! What good fun.
#919069 by ultreen1
22 Mar 2016, 20:40
Yes...'twas me and princess...hope you enjoyed! Lmao!!!
#919071 by ultreen1
22 Mar 2016, 22:54
Very tounge in cheek....
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