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#925931 by danflyer
09 Sep 2016, 11:15
Hi all.

I am thinking of purchasing a pair of these Bose QC35 wireless headphones, has anyone used these on board before? I understand that i will need to use the wired connection to use them with the aircraft IFE system, but i am not sure if the 'noise cancelling' function would work as powering the headphones will activate the Bluetooth and this is not allowed during flight.....
Even listening to music from my phone which will be in flight safe mode, I will still need to use the wired connection.... Not sure whether to stay with my old QC35 or go with this new model?!

#925933 by pblondon
09 Sep 2016, 12:08
Yes, I have these and have used them on a few Virgin flights.

You are allowed to use bluetooth onboard - the official rules are not during taxi, takeoff and landing though. You just put your phone in flight mode and then turn bluetooth on as an override.

I've only used them with my phone and laptop (I don't bother with the onboard IFE) but they come with the cable and adaptor needed. If you use the cable the bluetooth functionality will switch off but you still get noise cancelling.

I highly recommend them - they are great!

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