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#928480 by whiterose
09 Nov 2016, 13:40
Am I alone in this? On all my devices I come on the Forum, "Hello Whiterose" it says, so I'm logged in. Click on Forum/view new posts and at least once a day I'll be told I have to be logged in. So I log in and tick "Keep me logged in". And after a few more visits, the same thing will happen yet again.

Thoughts anyone?
#928482 by hiljil
09 Nov 2016, 13:55
This happened to me a few months ago. It lasted a couple of days the first time then just went back to normal. The second time it lasted about five days - then again normal service was resumed without me actually doing anything !

I always assume with something like this that it is me, my devices or my internet & trust things will resolve themselves !!
#928492 by marshy11
09 Nov 2016, 16:18
Are you clearing cookies/cache in between log ins?
#928499 by whiterose
09 Nov 2016, 17:42
marshy11 wrote:Are you clearing cookies/cache in between log ins?

No, thanks for that but I haven't on Mac, iPad or iPhone so it's not picking up the cleared cache from anywhere else either.
#928503 by marshy11
09 Nov 2016, 20:10
Oh, that is odd then. I only view it on the same idevices and I haven't had any issues that I can recall.
#928520 by marshy11
10 Nov 2016, 11:10
To those that have to keep logging in on each visit, I take it you do have the tick box checked?
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#928526 by marshy11
10 Nov 2016, 20:01
If it helps, I only use Safari and don't have the issue, but I do tick the box on the odd occasion that i've been through a shops away portal and had to clear cookies.
#928528 by whiterose
10 Nov 2016, 23:56
And it's just happened to me again! I haven't changed a thing, still using Safari, box still ticked, not cleared cookies/cache, nothing any different to the last time I visited. The mysteries of technology. I need to detain a passing seven year old who would no doubt have the answer.
#928529 by mitchja
11 Nov 2016, 01:41
The MacOS version of Safari is becoming a royal pain at the minute and not just with this site. No idea what Apple are playing at with it?

EE mobile online accounts don't always work properly with Safari. Go to using Safari and it tells you your browser is out of date (which it's not!).
#928538 by marshy11
11 Nov 2016, 11:49
I've had issues with Safari - address bar not working properly. I removed the 'include Safari Suggestions' and it resolved it. Safari - Preferences - Search - untick the box in the Smart Search Field which offers Safari Suggestions.
#928542 by Sealink
11 Nov 2016, 14:31
It's definitely Safari. On mobile at least.

Logged in using both Safari and Opera Coast yesterday. Safari is making me log in again, Opera Coast remembere.
#928558 by whiterose
11 Nov 2016, 17:15
And I've just been thrown off AGAIN - upthread was on iPad, this was on Mac. Thanks for the Safari suggestions tip Marshy, I'm now trying that. Fingers crossed.
#928569 by Hamster
12 Nov 2016, 00:37
Im also in the "have to sign in every time" group. Regardless of device or browser, I mentioned this when the new site went live and i seemed to be the only one at the time.
#929352 by whiterose
25 Nov 2016, 18:08
I was doing so well, all was going perfectly to plan.

And now I've been thrown off three times in the last 24 hours :-(

Says that the board requires me to sign in or register since my last visit.

I must be annoying the mods. Or maybe I said something that Pete doesn't like......
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