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#757833 by Nottingham Nick
16 Oct 2010, 22:58
Following on for the discussions and ideas for the PCP and other socials in 2011, we have had a mods meeting today and discussed a number of ideas for our 2011 socials.

The details have yet to be ironed out, but this post is intended to give advance notification of dates, so that interested parties can put them in their diaries; and members can comment on the proposals.

We want to follow up on the success Brussels trip of 2010 and take up the suggestion of a day trip to Eurodisney - however, given the cold weather in the early part of the year, we have decided to try and schedule this for later on, when the temperatures have increased - maybe May / June time. In order to use the discount code Eurostar gave us after the delays this year, we have to book travel within 12 months of the last trip.
Suitable dates will be researched with Eurostar and further details will be posted soon.

The Post Christmas Party (PCP) 2011 will hopefully be held in London during the weekend 29th / 30th January 2011. It is hoped to book a set lunch at the newly renovated Savoy Hotel. followed by an evening social gathering in a second Central London venue. This will give people who don't fancy making a full day of it the chance to choose one of the events to attend.

Later in the year we hope to host another trip to the Edinburgh Fringe - this will take place during the first weekend of the festival - Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th August 2011. Further details to follow.

Later the same month, we hope that as many V-Flyers as possible will get together for a picnic and a visit to Wings and Wheels 2011 which takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This is a family friendly event, and should be a great day out.

In addition to the above, proposals for Oktoberfest and any other event that V-Flyer members want to invite other members to participate in are encouraged, and can be posted here by anyone who wants to organise them.

More details will follow as the events come together, but for now, please make a note of the dates, and indicate if you would want to join in.

The mods.
#757852 by tontybear
17 Oct 2010, 12:35
Not sure about Eurodisney. Am not really a fan.

Would be different if there was an option to get off / on at Paris - would give people more of a choice.
#757860 by daharris
17 Oct 2010, 15:14
Would be up for the Savoy.

Not a huge fan of theme parks though. If parks sold entry only tickets I'd go out of curiosity. There is an RER from Eurodisney to Les Halles (takes about 40-45 minutes), but this wouldn't leave a lot of time in Paris.
#757861 by Jacki
17 Oct 2010, 16:14
If you prefer shopping La Vallee Village shopping outlet is only one stop (5 minutes) on the RER from Eurodisney.
Unfortunately the current exchange rate means that bargains are difficult to find at the moment :( .
#757862 by Tinkerbelle
17 Oct 2010, 16:19
Ok as much as it pains me to admit it, a trip to Disneyland Paris would be a complete waste of time.

There is only one train direct there and back each day so whilst it is possible to do Disney and back in one day, you are not left much time in between trains to have time to enjoy yourself. Also Disney isn't cheap at the best of times so you are not making the most of a ticket to the park by only having a few hours there. Coupled with the fact that the trip will undoubtedly fall on a Saturday so the queues will be horrendous - remember this is France so everyone pushes in line making any other queues even worse.

The last thing is that on the direct Disney train, we are extremely unlikely to be given carriages 1 or 18 like on previous trips. These carriages are designated as family zones given the number of tables in each carriage.

I vote for another daytrip to Paris itself - plenty of trains each way and lots to see and do there unlike Brussels.

#757865 by tontybear
17 Oct 2010, 16:26
This from the Eurostar website

* Direct Eurostar trains from the UK to Disneyland® Paris leave at 0953 and leave from Disneyland® Paris to the UK at 1937 daily but these will not run on Tuesdays and Saturdays except during UK school holidays.
#757901 by Scrooge
18 Oct 2010, 07:49
We will be in the UK at some point next year, not sure on dates or length of stay, so chances are it will just be the normal binge drinking session followed by a curry followed the next morning by over sleeping and a sprint to catch the flight/ship.
#758530 by Concorde RIP
27 Oct 2010, 13:06
As a relative newby and outsider, I'd certainly make an effort to attend one of these vents; it's a great idea.

The PCP looks a good bet, although any day trip to Paris etc would also work for me provided it's at the weekend.

I kind of share the comments re Disneyland Paris, having been there 10/11 times with my family, a day trip would be a challenge and you'd get very little time in DLP itself.

Perhaps Paris centre would be better?
#758548 by VS075
27 Oct 2010, 19:33
Don't have much to add to what's been posted about Disneyland Paris. I went there in 2007 as part of a trip and it really isn't anything special, and if you've been to the resorts in the USA then you're in for a disappointment - so my advice would be to spend your hard earned pennies elsewhere. If a trip on Eurostar has to be done then I would suggest Paris.

As for the PCP being in London, any further details on this once they are confirmed would be most welcome. Being in the South East right now till next Summer, I don't have much excuse to not be there if I'm about that weekend!
#758581 by iforres1
28 Oct 2010, 08:00
PCP could be a maybe, Paris, why not, will be tipsy by the time I get there. Not into to walking too far, bar, bistro ,beer/wine.
Fringe can't do
Wings and wheels, can't do as kids are back at school by then
Oktoberfest, where do I sign up y)

#761212 by daywalker
02 Dec 2010, 03:40
I see Oktoberfest got a mention.
I've been going every year for the last five years and if you are planning it I would strongly suggest you plan and book well in advance. Hotels sell out and room rates rocket in price.
I know I run the risk of stating the obvious but the first time we went there were just five of us and we struggled leaving it a couple of months out. Ended up paying €300 a night for flipping Holiday Inn.
#761232 by tontybear
02 Dec 2010, 11:04
Sealink wrote:
Scrooge wrote:Are V-Flyers stilled allowed in Paris ?

It was never proven. so, yes. 8D

I wonder if the trip (which I wasnl't on!) was the subject of any diplomatic cables and are just waiting for publication ...
#770224 by totallylost
07 Mar 2011, 20:14
I'd certianly consider joining an event somewhere. Kinda agree with previous comments about Euro Disney, not sure a day trip would be the best use of time etc.

It's harder for me, I live on Guernsey, factor in flights off this rock as well.
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#770227 by totallylost
07 Mar 2011, 20:27
whoops, Hahahaha, how embarrassing is that. can't take me anywhere, typing's just rubbish this evening. Perhaps I should just go and lie down in a darkened room. LOL I've edited the post so it reads as i intended.
#771057 by HWVlover
12 Mar 2011, 10:07
Wings and Wheels is in the diary.

Is there any more news on the other "socials" yet, particularly the Paris trip? y)
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