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#843418 by tontybear
10 Apr 2013, 15:20
y) y) ^) ^)
#843461 by tontybear
10 Apr 2013, 23:03
Blacky1 wrote:Would love to come but any chance not the 24th of may ?,going to NY the next day

Scared we'd make you miss the plane by getting you drunk ? :o) :o)

BTW the 24th is the start of the Bank Holiday Weekend
#843507 by Sealink
11 Apr 2013, 16:00
Given the feedback already I have narrowed down the options.

End of April is looking good. As is the end of May!

What does that say about two of us available for all dates?!

#843509 by Hull
11 Apr 2013, 16:20
Well my vote has been cast and I'm available on all three dates too ): , I would prefer the 30th April as at least I can partake in a couple of drinks :D

I am available on the 30/31 May but will be on my way into work night shifts so it would have to be a quick pit stop for OJ only :#

I look forward to meeting up soon.

#843826 by jfenney
14 Apr 2013, 18:20
y) Vote cast end of May for me
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