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#938245 by buns
09 Sep 2017, 09:24
The page relies on a feed from VS - I suppose they have plenty on their minds at the moment

#938251 by horburyflyer
09 Sep 2017, 12:10
I did drop Pete a PM earlier this week as its always a useful resource and especially when away when flight schedules a little up in the air. Didn't hear back and of course needs the feed from VS to be functioning too.

Fingers crossed it is back up soon.

#938592 by Pete
22 Sep 2017, 18:27
Sadly we're not getting the feed from VS for it (it was always on the cards to be pulled, as it was built for their original App which has since been retired).
#938603 by TimCrawley
23 Sep 2017, 10:32
That's a great pity about the VS feed vanishing as the page design was really nice and it was very informative.

I guess that's a similar story for the 'Where are all the aircraft?' page too (and 'Unexpected Movements) - again a really nice page which was really informative. I know there are probably other sources for forum members to look up some or most of the info on ( e.g. ) but I haven't spotted ones as nice as the ones Pete (& crew?) came up with..... would be most grateful to hear from other forum members if anyone else found decent sources similar to the now, sadly, 'lost' pages on V-Flyer.
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