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#938334 by NYC123
12 Sep 2017, 11:23
I'm due some upgrade vouchers in November so was wondering If i book PE flights now using miles come November would i simply be able to apply the vouchers to the booking and have the miles returned to my account?

I'm guessing not and that there would be cancellation/amendment fees and the chance the flights wouldnt show again once released?
#938344 by SlimpyJones
12 Sep 2017, 13:49
Indeed, I imagine the problem you would face is that they would have to cancel the existing booking and then create a new one, and so there would need to be P-class availability on the dates you need. As you say, there's no guarantee that your cancelled P would immediately become available again.

I'm not sure about fees. Are you VS Gold? Amendment fees are waived for Golds. Are you able to perhaps delay the buying until November? Or would that be cutting it too close?
#938369 by Eggtastico
13 Sep 2017, 10:25
clear it with V first. You maybe charged for changing a booking though.
I had an issue where I was due an upgrade voucher, but it did not land in my account on the date it should had been.
As I had enough miles to cover the flight, V let me book the PE seat using miles & then apply the voucher & refund the difference in miles later.
I cant remember if I paid a fee for that element of the flight, as I also changed my inbound to UC at the same time... but I did pay a fee for changing my booking!

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