InFlight Entertainment

Virgin Atlantic currently have three different types of inflight entertainment systems across their fleet, and Virgin America one. With the arrival of the A330-300 to the fleet, a new system VERA Touch is now the top of the line for Virgin Atlantic, and many of its features mimic those seen in Virgin America's RED system. It should be no surprise then, that both have a shared heritage, as RED was originally developed by a Virgin Atlantic inhouse team.

VERA Reel (Originally Odyssey)

Aircraft delivered between 1997 and 2002 were fitted with state-of-the-art Matsushita Avionic Systems IFE. The VERA Reel system offers 20 channels of entertainment plus much more as follows:
  • 10 movie channels
  • 2 kids channels (featuring a combination of movies and tv programming)
  • 8 TV channels featuring music, sport & news, comedy and kids programming plus the exclusive Virgin Travel guide
  • 14 audio channels ranging from soul to Classical music
  • A choice of 35 Nintendo Games
  • Moving Skymap display which plots the aircraft's flight path
  • In-seat telephones (located on the reverse of the handset)
The VERA Reel system is on a selection of 747-400 and A340 aircraft.

RegistrationAircraft NameAircraft Type

VERA On Demand (Originally V:Port)

This system is onboard 747-400s and A340-600s. It offers Video on Demand where passengers can watch or listen to what they want and can start, pause or rewind their chosen movie, TV show or CD. What it features:
  • 10.4 inch screen in Upper Class
  • 9 inch screen in Premium Economy / Economy
  • 300 hours of Video on Demand content
  • 14 channels of Audio on Demand and a jukebox with over 45 CDs ranging from Chopin to Elvis Presley to PJ Harvey. Passengers can listen to an entire CD or just an individual track.
  • A selection of audio books
  • 15 computer games, of which 3 are multi-player and one, Battlemail Kung-fu, has been developed exclusively for Virgin
  • A Quick Find facility that allows passengers to look for films starring their favourite movie star, comedy shows or language programming
  • A dedicated Kid’s Zone that has it’s own menus and contains programming suitable for children and a parental block
  • The system will allows passengers to send emails and SMS messages.
  • IMap is a brand new fully interactive map application - not only can passengers track their flight, but they can also roam around the world, zoom in on different destinations and points of interest.
Email and Intranet was promised as "coming soon" as far back as 2003, but has yet to materialise.

The VERA On Demand system is on all A340-600 series and certain 747-400 aircraft.

RegistrationAircraft NameAircraft Type
G-VROCMustang Sally747-41R
G-VWOWCosmic Girl747-41R
G-VBIGTinker Belle747-4Q8
G-VFABLady Penelope747-4Q8
G-VHOTTubular Belle747-4Q8
G-VSUNRainbow LadyA340-311
G-VBLUSoul SisterA340-642
G-VBUGLady BirdA340-642
G-VEILQueen Of The SkiesA340-642
G-VFITDancing QueenA340-642
G-VGASVarga GirlA340-642
G-VREDScarlet LadyA340-642
G-VWEBSurfer GirlA340-642
G-VWINLady LuckA340-642
G-VWKDMiss BehavinA340-642
G-VYOUEmmeline HeaneyA340-642

VERA Touch (Originally JAM)

This system is onboard A339-300 aircraft. It extends the features of V:PORT with a touch-screen, the ability to plug in your own portable devices and rate content. What it features:
  • Touchscreen
  • Premium Economy also features touchscreen handset
  • iTunes-like carousel interface
  • Rate movies and TV Shows
  • 'Play' your own content through USB
  • Movies, games, TV shows and Sky bulletins

The VERA Touch system is on all A330-300 aircraft.

RegistrationAircraft NameAircraft Type
G-VXLGRuby Tuesday747-41R
G-VGALJersey Girl747-443
G-VLIPHot Lips747-443
G-VROSEnglish Rose747-443
G-VROYPretty Woman747-443
G-VGBRGolden GirlA330-343X
G-VGEMDiamond GirlA330-343X
G-VINEChampagne BelleA330-343X
G-VKSSMademoiselle RougeA330-343X
G-VLUVLady LoveA330-343X
G-VNYCUptown GirlA330-343X
G-VRAYMiss SunshineA330-343X
G-VSXYBeauty QueenA330-343X
G-VUFOLady StardustA330-343X
G-VWAGMiss EnglandA330-343X
G-VAHHDream GirlB787-9
G-VNEWBirthday GirlB787-9
G-VOOHMiss ChiefB787-9
G-VWHOMystery GirlB787-9
G-VYUMRuby MurrayB787-9
G-VZIGDream JeannieB787-9


This system is used on Virgin America aircraft based on the Linux operating system, and originally developed in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic. A touch-screen interface is used to order menu items, play games, shop or watch content including TV and latest Hollywood releases. The content on Red is a mixture of free and chargeable - the latter being paid for by swiping your credit/debit card in the controller handset. Red also features Google Maps and GoGo internet - so you can keep in touch with V-Flyer wherever you are ;-)

RegistrationAircraft NameAircraft Type
N521VALet There Be FlightA319-112
N522VAThe 1 Year-Old VirginA319-112
N523VAContents May Be Under PressureA319-112
N524VADark HorseA319-112
N525VAVirgin & TonicA319-112
N527VATubular BelleA319-112
N528VAFog CutterA319-112
N529VAMoodlights, Camera, ActionA319-112
N530VAGoGo DancerA319-112
N621VAAir ColbertA320-214
N622VACalifornia DreamingA320-214
N623VAThree If By AirA320-214
N624VARed, White & BlueA320-214
N625VAJefferson AirplaneA320-214
N626VAUnicorn ChaserA320-214
N627VARunway AngelA320-214
N628VAEntourage AirA320-214
N629VAMidnight RideA320-214
N631VAChic MobileA320-214
N632VAYouTube AirA320-214
N633VAThe Tom Clark ExpressA320-214
N634VAMach DaddyA320-214
N635VAMy Other Ride's A SpaceshipA320-214
N636VAAirplane 2.0A320-214
N637VAAn Airplane Named DesireA320-214
N638VASan Francisco PrideA320-214
N639VAAir DrakeA320-214
N640VARefresh AirA320-214
N641VADotComSecrets AirA320-214
N642VABreanna JewelA320-214
N836VASpruce MooseA320-214
N837VAAir VH1A320-214
N838VADFW oneA320-214
N839VAMyles from ConnemaraA320-214
N842VAreal steelA320-214
N844VAsol planeA320-214
N845VAstay hungry, stay foolishA320-214
N846VAglitter girlA320-214
N847VAScarlett O'airA320-214
N849VAfly bye babyA320-214
N852VAsafady voyagerA320-214

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