#960795 by catsilversword
06 Feb 2023, 21:04

Does BA provide a link to complete the above form online? I can only see a pdf form on the flight booking management page, am wondering if they make an electronic version available, c,Oder to date of flying? If not, then is the process to print, complete and take hard copy to the airport for check - in???

#960798 by Murraymint
07 Feb 2023, 09:26
When we flew BA, they sent an email a few days before the flight with a link to do it electronically. We also used the Verifly app which allows you to load up the form as well as scan your COVID docs.

If you do a Google search for the form, you should be able to print, sign and take hard copy with you as well.
#960799 by catsilversword
07 Feb 2023, 10:38
Many thanks Allan! We flew VS last year and got an e link, this will be the first BA flight for a while though and, aside from them suggesting VeriFLY, all I could see was a pdf version for the attestation form, so reassuring to hear that they do send out a link closer to flight date. Why they don’t say that on their site is beyond me. If using VeriFLY, can you upload docs for all passengers travelling with you, or does everyone need to create an account?
#960802 by Murraymint
07 Feb 2023, 12:09
You can upload everybody in your party on the one account.

I found that online checkin is a hit or a miss with BA and the last time it didn’t work after I had used Verifly, the agent didn’t ask for any documentation at the airport.
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