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#958936 by mitchja
16 Jan 2021, 19:09
It now looks like you can select / change seats on DL flight legs via the VS website / app instead of having to use the DL app or website.

I've got a VS booking for July that has a DL flight leg in it (BOS>JFK) which I can now see / change seats directly via the VS app and/or VS website.

IMG_0424.PNG (281.71 KiB) Viewed 974 times

You can now also see/ select DL seat maps during the online booking process as well using the VS website. This doesn't seem to work for AF or KL flight legs though.
#958939 by ColOrd
16 Jan 2021, 20:12
This launched back in November I think as I have a booking to SEA for next year that I noticed I could see the DL LAX-SEA sector seat map on, but it then disappeared a week or so later so I assumed they were testing something.

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