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#960285 by jondave
28 Mar 2021, 18:09
Hi All,
Anyone know if its easy to upgrade / downgrade between the free and paid Virgin Atlantic UK credit cards?
Also if upgrading from the free to paid card are you eligible for the bonus points, or is it like AMEX's 24 month rule?
#960287 by moodyblue
29 Mar 2021, 10:29
I checked a couple of days ago about changing from the paid card to the free card. The agent explained there is no easy way to do it. You have to cancel the paid card apply for the free card, wait to be turned down and then appeal the decision on the basis you were a previous VS card holder. Seems a strange way to encourage brand loyalty.
#960294 by mitchja
31 Mar 2021, 11:56
As these are a financial / credit product it's never going to be straight forward to switch products / cards with the same company. An affordability check will more than likely need to be run again hence a full new application will be required including another hard search / credit check etc.

In general most credit card companies won't accept you for a new application within 12 months of having a previous account / card with them without manual intervention.

There are no issues or restrictions though with earning bonus points with a new application.
#960297 by jondave
31 Mar 2021, 18:04
Thanks guys, seems at bit of a hassle to get declined then appeal, thought it might be fairly straight forward like switching the BA AMEX cards.
At least there's no waiting time for the bonus points if going from the free to paid card.
#960457 by EstelleB
08 Apr 2021, 14:29
When it was the old VA card operator (I think this was MBNA) I had both cards at the same time - there was a benefit to doing this I think regarding vouchers but I can't remember what it was. Is it worth seeing if you can get the other without giving up the original one?
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