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#960397 by sjcraythorne
05 Apr 2021, 09:11
Hi All,

I had 2xsingle flights booked on reward points for three people for last summer to Orlando. Obviously that didn't happen, so I moved it to Easter 2021, which again obviously hasn't happened. I moved it onwards to June 2021, which is looking unlikely, and to be honest, not sure how keen I would be to travel at the minute.

At each change, I had to pay extra for increase in fees, or an increase in class on the flight. the receipts they sent me were all just the difference in price, not the total price paid. Do you think this will be a problem to get refunded? With a rewards booking, and I right in saying its just a £30 fee to cancel, or will It be £30 per person per flight?

Many thanks, Steven
#960398 by mitchja
05 Apr 2021, 09:28
The £30 fee is only for a date change, not a refund. There's no fee for a refund if the flight didn't operate.

As long as the original flight you had booked did not operate (which it didn't in your case) then you are entitled to a full refund. It doesn't matter how many times the ticket / booking has been left open. You are entitled to a full refund on all fees and taxes paid as well as the miles.

You may well have to chase the miles refund bit though as that isn't dealt with by the same department the revenue refund is dealt with.

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